Domination Spell

I came across this awesome super effective spell. like literally i just did it and got results in about 5 minutes. :smiley: anyway i just wanted to share it with the community.


Yes. This is a simple and effective method to stack the deck in your favor. I tried it during a highly competitive corporate event, prior to giving a presentation. Bottom line, the presentation was a success, it went much better than expected. (I had also prepared very thoroughly on the mundane side of the house and was ready
… It just gave a little boost to the outcome)


I tried this 2 months ago, never worked for me.


This doesn’t work for me

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Hi, I tried this twice last week. First was to get a response from a very remote target - didn’t work, unsurprisingly. Second was to end a fight I was getting dragged into, worked in a few days.

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I have tried it too several times it had no effects