Dominating scrying

Good morning, I was practicing some time ago the scrying technique described by W.E.Butler but, using the variant, to use a normal mirror and fix my gaze on my pupil;
…at the same time that I do yoga exercises nidra (samyama) and mantra-yoga at other times.

The fact is that when I start to fix my gaze on my reflection, it starts to become cloudy and around me; and a white mist comes out that turns, turns around, my face sometimes gets a bit dark, and sometimes I feel a pressure between my eyebrows. So far I have some doubts:

  • What is that white haze and something fluorescent?
  • How can I speed up the scrying process? because I’ve been in it for two months now.

Did you consacrate your scrying mirror? Bless it with the power of a divination entity?

The mist or clouds you see are normal; it means you are on the right track and very close to your objective. Keep practising.