Domination is my mantra, i control and concur anything, i don’t ask for power i demand it and take it, i dominate people, situations, power, i even try and dominate myself.

You see domination is the main role, even in BDSM i’m a dom, but i do respect the submissive’s too, it’s just i can never be the one dominated, but that’s my view, i wake up every morning and stare in the mirror and i try and best myself.

Domination in ascent is key, even Lilith herself explained she could manipulate and play and crush any man and woman, but i never kneel or never got controlled by her for that she respected me and i respected her.

Dominance isn’t just a masculine thing, i’m an Aquarius the perfect blend of Feminine and Masculine, the moon and sun, but Dominance is key in everything, i won’t sit and wait for something, i take life by the balls and break it if i need to.

Remember even if you’re someones submissive in BDSM, don’t allow that to dictate your practice, no matter what dominance is a potent catalyst, this is a definite.


I agree but as a submissive I can wrap my Dom around my little finger. I may bow to him, serve and respect him and even kneel to him…but if I cry …Master cries …and may the gods have mercy on whomever causes that to happen…

There is a power all to it own in submission.

Just my thought on it, brother :slight_smile:


Having a Dom to sheild you yet push you to be more is ever increasing ones strength and thresholds… so that no one but Master can break her. But he will always rebuild her. To be even better.


I agree with this for the most part. However there’s “power in being soft”. You don’t have to be tough to be powerful.


Trusting anyone else to protect me or be there for me is difficult. Even when I get repeated messages that I’ll never be abandoned, it’s still hard. Seriously, my spiritual team puts up with a lot, I love them.


Yea I constantly struggle with that from previous traumas

But when says he …good girl…it’s like a drug and I need another fix :joy::smiling_imp:


Reaching sub space is an amazing experience. …but the Dom has to be careful … and bring his sub back :slight_smile:


Here is a good article on sub space


And here’s a fairly good one on dom space.


Thank you for the articles I understand BDSM better and it also relates to my experiences in sex magick as well.

I think that knowing these spaces explains what Belial described to me. When he makes people confront their hidden desires through dreams and fantasy scenarios its like the dominate figure initiates the sub space in a person.

If its intended as an attack either because he personally wants to punish the person or because he was asked he just leaves them there. Like some kind of sadistic dom he doesn’t pull them out of it.

Especially when the person practices magic its a perfect attack that can disable them. Its not just an infatuation. For example Belial showed me that was very dominate in her life. She took it too far dominating and ruining the lives of the men she dated. Taking their money, distancing them from their friends and family convincing them that she was all they needed and then just up and leaving without a trace. She even had an attitude with spirits and expected them all to obey her.

So Belial gave her sleep paralysis and/or dreams where she couldn’t move. Then sent demons to feel her up so she would know what it was like to be dominated. Except it wasn’t really punishment she really enjoyed being groped, licked all over etc. But she became so obsessed with these encounters she tried to do everything she could to recreate them on purpose magically. Her thoughts became so obsessed she lost her job etc. And he just gave me the image of her in some infernal place having an orgy with male demons with this glazed look in her eyes and her tongue hanging out. Like part of her was just gone.

Am I right here in making this connection?


I can see Belial doing that yes.

In a great D/s relationship. …the Dom slowly brings you up… you Hit sub space… which is like a high or being on a cloud nine… like when morphine hits through a vein and your just …there in another place where all that exists is you and your dom.

Doms can also hit Dom space though it is slightly different because they have the responsibility of the sub.

The Dom then slowly brings the sub back down … you don’t want to crash land… so he will slowly bring her back to …

It’s a beautiful thing and the afterglow is amazing as well.


Sub/Dom space sounds amazing. My girl and I have experimented with very light BDSM, but nothing ever that extreme. Any suggestions for learning how to trigger these spaces?

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I pmed you

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How does it work when you are a switch?

Is it possible to be able to enter both states? Does a switch have the potential to be a better dom because they’ve experienced the sub state? So they can recognize when they may need to pull the other person out? Or is it hard to tell because everyone is different and shows different signs?

It makes me wonder about myself. I’ve done a lot of sexual roleplay with different spirits. I think I’ve started to go into these spaces but its like the other side either the dominate or submissive thoughts come in. So I wonder if Im very balanced and can’t turn the other side off.


I’ve always heard the best Doms were subs.

I cant answer too much on the switch. Because I haven’t domed enough to know.

The few times I have I didnt reach that. .but that could be because I haven’t done it enough

But I personally feel like ones might be switch but usually one side is the one they truly resonate with. .
For me it’s being a sub…thats what I truly am when stripped of all else…

And it’s what I love and truly feel myself as.

But that’s my on personal thoughts.

Maybe a switch will chime in and give more information.

And Doms for that matter :slight_smile:

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I live for this headspace. I’ve been playing with a new sub for a few weeks and it’s finally hitting me that she has a genuine need to submit. Growing up I was conditioned to have a very strange sense of fairness where if I received anything I couldn’t feel right unless I gave something in return. This has been the primary downfall of my relationships in that I haven’t ever been able to put my own needs first without psychological bartering within myself.

Playing with this new girl is helping me immensely. The other night after an amazing scene and aftercare I was able to recieve an hour long massage without feeling the need to reciprocate one. She just wanted to please and I was on cloud nine. She made me food, I kissed her forehead and called her a good girl and her eyes lit up. I keep getting texts saying how muchbshe enjoyed the other night. It’s uncomfortable to recieve without giving more back but I know I need this.

People get caught up in the frame of “give to get.” This has been me. I’m liking this change


I’ve been so deep in Dom space while having someone in subspace that I tapped into a way of reading with my instinct that’s other worldly. I’ve kissed girls within seconds after meeting them and got so in tune with them they’d climax 21 times. Both of us collapsed on drenched sheets breathing hard and this girl who said she had a tough time getting off usually who had a huge “I don’t need a man” complex buried her face in me saying “I feel owned… This is amazing.”

All pain becomes pleasure for them, my will dictates what happens next based on what my instinct tells me can happen and it doesn’t matter if what comes out of my mouth is “I’m so deep in you I can feel your soul…” or extremely deragetory bed talk, it’s all stimulation, it’s all pleasure for both of us.

It’s like a safe drug addiction… Damn I love it. This was the girl I’ve been having issues with. Waking up to 4 page texts about how I’m an all caps “Sex God” does something to your formerly Mormon ego hahaha

I’d love to explore even more of it. 50 Shades is a double edged sword. Every girl in her early 20’s wants to try it which is a plus, but they all get confused when I tell them what a safeword is.

It’s indeed Magickal


-____- blech that is a sword without a damn handle is what that is…


I agree

It’s getting more people interested in BDSM but it also enables abusive asshats to use kink as a camouflage. I kind of like your metaphor haha

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Ehhh…it gets people interested in a fantasy idea that is so far removed from the reality of how things actually work. 2 Points you brought up in the shopping list of them.


And 2

@Eye_of_Ra and a few others may be able to point out more than me in this regard.

But as i said a sword with no handle :skull: doesnt end well for anyone.