Doing Voodoo on yourself

Has anyone tried making voodoo dolls on themselves to help enhance certain abilities or to use a more stronger protection magick on themselves? Or even just casting regular voodoo spells on yourself? Any advice so I don’t fuck the hell up lol?


No one at all?

Regardless of the type of magic used, making a representation of yourself that you can see, hold and use as a target of spells is very interesting.

My only concern is that you make sure to not let anybody see our touch it. You wouldn’t want it to fall in the wrong hands or get damaged. How would you get rid of it? Or would you keep it forever?

Once you charge it with all of your focus and will, it becomes a tool, much like a chalice, or dagger. The difference is that this tool is you.

Very dangerous, IMHO.

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I’d agree, hence why I’m honestly glad that I asked first. Especially with voodoo that’s honestly stronger, thicker and faster than regular witchcraft, it can hit pretty damn bad if I fuck up.

Although the idea can be tempting

Well, i wouldn’t recommend it Prior to your first Death of Ego.

Once your Being learned, however, that it can die and still continue on,

you’re a Little more safe on that part.

I still agree, any fetish link that you concencrated to be an emination of you,
shouldn’t be given away slightly.

However, i do have certain jewlerys which represent friends and where given willingly to my by them.
As well as those friends of fetishes of me.

It takes a lot of trust, to choose who you give it to, and how you handle this stuff.
Becouse the Moment you gave it to the Person, it’s equal to your heart being in their Hands.
If they want to kill you, they can.
Only downside in doing so, is that they’ll hurt themselves, BY A LOT, aswell.

I wouldn’t recommend it that much for casting spells, by yourself.

A simple drawing of your personal sigil, or a representative Body,
or a mirror works just well enough.

if you want to make a fetish, becouse you Need to Combine yourself with certain incenses, that does work.
I rather consume the incenses myself, normally, for such work,
but indeed, there are some Things,
i would use to empower me, but i wouldn’t consume.
(like for example snake Skins… they’re allright, but not delicious. :wink: )

So that may be a case for usage.




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Oh almost forgotten:
There is a Thing, where i constantly kinda do fetish work on myself.
I grow Herbs inside my flat, and the earth i constantly feed with different gemstones, jewlerys i Charge there, etc.
I molded blood into that earth.
And i infuse it with Stray Energy from me,
like for example cooking hairs out and giving the water to the plants.
When re-consuming the herbals,
it kinda makes a physical representation,
of being the source, and re-integrating serviators.
At least, that may be a Picture to help understanding the process and meanings behind it.

So basicly the earth and the herbs are a sacred space,
to Charge items in,
for enhancing their properties and linking them to me.

And the Moment i cook them into Food for someone else to consume,
i automaticly make the one that consumes the Food, aligne with my energy.
But i usually don’t like others to eat These herbs,
except for when i allready work magick on the Person,
and want to increase effectiveness.


This can and should be empowered by a Lwa if it’s the vodoun current you are working with. A good Lwa for protection would be ogun. Call him and ask him what to do? For other things like money, open road, luck you could easily ask Legba for assistance. It really depends what type of spell you what to do in order to work with the Lwa that is most suitable.


I did this before!

I called it my ‘Barbie Spell’ because I basically bought a Barbie doll that looked as close to me as I could find and dressed her up like I would (thank goodness for Barbie’s extensive wardrobe!) and I believe the spell was for protection/empowerment (I did it when I was moving from Canada to England).

Worked wonders…

Though I 100% agree with Ra that whatever you do - KEEP IT SAFE!!!

I didn’t want to take it with me so I buried it (deep. Like, REAL deep to keep it from being easily unearthed) in a forest near my old house so that Gaia would ‘hold me in her heart’ and keep me safe… :wink:


I did a love spell against myself when I worked with Erzulie. Fun as hell. Got insecure and like small boy filled with all kinds of petty emotions. Where fun and then I purged myself from them all :grinning:


IN hoodoo you can make a poppet, you name it the targets name and baptize it. You can put personal concerns in it and put stuff inside it.

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Well I have created a voodoo doll of myself… Keep myself locked up in a safe with my rare books among other things…

Its the same as making a poppet spell on yourself. It they dont have ti be baneful. For example you make one that includes hair, nails, blood ,ect. You tie it to you deepy. Then you can for example a crystal talisman for a martian empowerment of courage or confidence and put it in the doll it is energetically and symbolically “inserting” or seating this power inside yourself.