Doing the Conjuration

When doing the conjuration for evocation should it be assertive,aggressive and does volume matter?


IMO kind of like how you post on here - you don’t need to be cringey, “Oh excuse me great magi, please forgive my intrusion but if one of you may spare the time for a lowly student…” nor do you need to be all “Look I know you cunts like to jerk off but I need some answers, and don’t fuck with me or I’ll report you direct to the moderators” - you just kind of calmly state your request, with any details you think are relevant, with the expectation you’re not going to get either flamed or completely ignored.

Volume IMO doesn’t matter unless your using a chant that specieis to intone it, which obviously you can’t do in a whisper.

I do a lot of work silent (using my internal mental voice) because it’s more convenient and less likely to freak out the postman or neighbours. :slight_smile:


The conjuration should be done with intent and command, but not aggression, unless you want to have to fight and bind the spirit like in the days of old. Think of yourself as a king, commanding an audience with another king in your castle. You are in control but you treat the other king with respect.

As Lady Eva says, volume doesn’t matter, as long as you speak strongly and with command. I do my evocations in the middle of the night, and I have roommates so my conjurations are given in a low, conversational tone.


The other responses are spot on, I would just like to add to the good info. I find that there are situations where building volume can be effective, starting low and building to a crescendo. A good example of this would be S Ben Qayin’s evocation of Nyarlothotep. If you have not seen it, check it out here: - YouTube


thanks all, i just watch the video the reason i brought up the question of the conjuration is that’s were in the evocation im stuck just talking to cloud/fog with nothing appearing its really amazing tho the room will just disappear, but that’s all.

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Someone made a post about how they were screaming in their head when evoking a demonic king. The king reacted with an annoyed attitude. But also the yelling and aggression can be used to build up your intent with emotion. Maybe replace that aggression with excitement and respect.


thanks i will keep that in mind
i just have a problem with over thinking things and wondering what the right things to say :slight_smile:

and does any one have a time frame from when someone starts an evocation till the spirits show how long some would need to do the conjuration.
as some one who is still working on evocation does the spirit just pop up during the chant or do they slowly appear?

from what i understand the conjuration can just be the spirits name repeated over and over is that correct?


Just come from the heart, this is why it’s important to have absolute clarity and passion about what you want, and why people say to have your intent clear - it;s not (or maybe, not ONLY) about the words, it’s about the force of WILL, of DESIRE, that lies behind them.


thanks again. getting to the fog goting a little scary i thought i went blind every thing went white. it took a couple of second to get out of it.


The other night I tried getting really energetic with my evocation vs being calm. I got a lot of chills and could really feel the energy.


:laughing:so you don’t have to do the chat out load so you can do it all in your head like looking at the sigil and doing the conjuration in your head till the spirit shows up?



i believe im lost in translation :alien:


im going to assume im not wrong that i don’t need to chant out loud :wink: but i have been seeing things other people have told me are signs mainly seeing 11 11 multiple times throughout the day but that’s it :dizzy_face:.


That’s so cute. :relaxed:

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Check out the movie Ghoulies lots of good info in that

yeah iv watched the first 2 :laughing: