Doing 5 free tarot readings

Looking to improve myself in divining, especially for my clients. Anyone interested? I may raise the number. That’s a maybe.


I’d love this

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I’m interested ! :smiley: ahah

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I’m down for one, my friend.

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Alright 2 left.

I’ll take one.

can i have 1

Yeah may I please have one?

can i still have one too? :slight_smile:

IF you raise the number… can I have one please ")

Only if you’re still doing it

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Damn can’t believe I missed this :joy::joy: I think that my future is changing. If you do raise the number I would love to participate but you have already done more than enough :heart:

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Can I have one please !? :heart:

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Oh yes pretty please, love it.

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I think I’m too late, damn.

Well hopefully you’ll raise the number of people and I might have a chance :smile:

I believe that if you’re changing your future is also changing

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Can I have one?

I would want one. I have sleeping issues for a long time. I dont know the cause and solution to the issue.

Please lemme have one !!