Does this mean my third eye is opening?

A couple weeks ago I had a strange dream, I was looking at myself and my right eye had 2 iris’s and 2 pupils like in this image and was looking straight at me, however they were eyes like an eagle, as if they could see everything and had super sharp vision.

However my left eye only had one, and was a third of the way open and looking down as if not fully ‘awakened’, and looked like it had a slight veil covering it. And after this dream I randomly get the strong presences of demons, and I’m starting to actually see and hear more things. And in the dream I knew that my left eye was a representation of my third eye. I haven’t been doing any meditations either.


The way I know my third eye is open is I can see out of it.
If you close your eyes do you start seeing things?
Like a combination of symbols such as cartoons, pop culture references and esoteric spiritual imagery and things like that?
That to me is my third eye opening up.
Maybe this is your dream telling you you need to open up your third eye.
The irony is I’m pretty sure to dream you are already seeing it out of your third eye.
But to get better at seeing images in your third eye when you close your eyes, try meditating to Jonathan Goldman music.

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Huh that’s odd because I’ve always been able to see things with my eyes close, like I could close my eyes right now and see like I normally would if they were open. Maybe my third eye has actually been open this entire time and I haven’t realized it?

The hysteria and pop cultural conception of third eye opening has actually drawn me away from looking into it besides any subjective experience to do with the crown Chakara.

It’s been purported that you can access limitless amount of psychic abilities, but really it’s just tapping into your extra senses, and that’s why the person above can remote view— because there’s a mind’s eye too, which is a muscle that should be utilised during meditation through visualisation.

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