Does this mean anything?

Ok, I don’t remember much about the dream but the main part is demons crawled out of the ground and possed and tried to kill me. Also recently in real life strange things have been happening like i hear vocies and see thing like shadow people. Does any of this mean anything?

Banish, shield, cleanse, ground.After that, if it still contiunes, use divination to learn about the cause.


Sounds like you might have fears manifesting in your dreams.

Seems like whenever I’m particularly afraid of something it will haunt my dreams.

Granted reading or watching too much about something will induce the same thing.

Usually when I have an entity visit in my dreams it’s very clear to me who they are as well as the fact that I am in a dream while dreaming.

I second the banishing, Cleansing bath rituals or any of the other protective type measures, If your seeing, hearing and feeling things that shouldn’t be there, that scare you or that are simply unwanted- your likely attracting their attention and just need to get rid of them.


Can you take control during Lucid dreaming?

Asking out of curiosity, if you can you could determine wherever this is more then just internal fears of parts of yourself…parts you wish to “kill” off so to speak.


do a banishing ritual and see if things improve.

Please Could you explain a little more on this…like are they just glimpses of shadows or full on figures?

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Oh that’s actually a fair idea if it continues, I was thinking of a singular instance. I used to wake myself up Out of nightmares intentionally, and gaining control lucidly, certain can change everything.


The shadow people were full on. Like a couple days ago i felt something watching me then i called out to it to show itself then it peaked its head and part of its body out of my bedroom door and had its hands on the door. Sorry if that doesnt help at all

Also ive never particularly been afraid or scared of demons ive just been very fascinated and the dream didn’t feel like a nightmare, and ik that dosnt change anything but im just saying

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Yes… Something is definitely up mate

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If all is well, and your just getting unwanted visitors, I’d assume you’ve been actively practicing something and drawing attention to the flies so to speak, much like if you left a sandwich on the porch and discovered ants a few days later.

Banishing and such on a regular basis should take care of it.

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Ok thank you sm I will definitely do so as soon as i can

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