Does this have ANYTHING to do with magick? (cassette ribbon)

Cassette tapes disappeared years ago…

Every so often I still see tape that appears strategically placed if I’m out and about

(Not in the casette, unwound… just the black ribbon)

I have always assumed it has a meaning, but in 2021…why do I still see this? Where are people even getting the tape ribbons from :sweat_smile:

What is this about?!


Witch tape

I’m not even the only one who’s wondered about this… but that was back in 2006


It’s 2021! Is this some form of magick or is there a far better explanation

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You’ve been making some incredible topics lately keep it up!! :hugs:

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Synchronicity or a similar phenomenon as those people who keep see repeating numbers everywhere?

If it has meaning to you - then there’s your answer. Could also be a psychological thing - you might be subconsciously looking for them or expecting to see them. This can happen after you see something out of the ordinary/etc a few times, so then your mind looks for them/expecting to see more.