Does this have any relevance to anyone?

Behold the trees of blue flame, against the white sky, and black sun, stretching across the grey plateau. Nothing is everything, the one is all, worlds incarnate, seek the unknown gods of abstraction beyond the boundaries of imagination, where infinity ends.

I know the black sun has something to do with void magik, but I’m not sure how to interpret the rest of this.

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Ahriman was echoing in my head.

Same with the elder gods

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Think things that came to mind


The crawling chaos - nyarlathotep

Azathoth found at the “center” of the all through the gates of Yog-sothoth


Yeah my mind went towards the old gods too. Glad to know I’m not nuts lol


:thinking: Did i ever say i wasn’t nuts? I only remember stating this stuff works lol



Twice now this week I’ve stepped outside and instantly projected - everything was white and there were blue flaming trees. I don’t know about the grey or the black sun though.


When I was working with Azazel and the black sun I would get flashes where the colors of the world were strange. The black sun on place of the regular sun. I would see the sky grey or white and the trees blue, orange or red. Like there was another reality where earth had a black sun in place of ours. A mirror world.


I feel like “worlds incarnate” is referring to us as humans, and “Gods of abstraction” keeps echoing in my head, which feels strange, not painful, I just feel kinda strange, in an oddly good way. Thanks guys, so nice to have others to bounce this stuff off of. Most people just think I’m nuts, and I totally am, but they don’t need confirmation.