Does the number 62 have any significance?

Funny you should ask, I just stumbled upon your post, then saw this

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By the process of reduction, 62=8.

Then why am I not seeing 8?

The process of reduction was taught to me via Paul Foster Case. Reduction is reducing the digits to the smallest sum.

Lets say I do a Past Present Future Spread, and the cards are:
Past XVI The Tower
Present X Wheel of Fortune
Future XIX The Sun
By reduction, we take 16+10+19=45=9
9 Marks a Completion or End.

So, for 62, we will take first 8, then 31, and then 62, and see if there is any significance found in any number listed by Gematria tables such as Crowleys Sefer Sapphire (777).
Then we can play with numbers, factors, series, etc.
Numerology and Gematria are two very old occult practices.

@Borgy has been helping with this:


Ah, yes I actually asked borgy too. The numerology makes sense but idk it feels like it’s more than that


From Bill Heidrick’s page:

62 > 8 - 62 - 62 = 2x31

TetNunBetAleph band, priest’s girdle, ornamental belt.
AlephSamekhAleph to be strong, to heal.
pr.n. “Healer”, “Physician”.
NunYodBet (712 w/f, also 58/708) ; to separate, distinguish, mark; to see, discern hear, feel; to attend; to perceive.
separation, internal, between.
LamedLamedBet to well up, flow, pour over; pour together, to confound; to mingle in sexual connection, to defile; Baal.
YodNunBet pr.n. “Built”; “Wise”; sons (of) .
NunChetDalet (712 w/f) ; to grow; grain, millet.
HayNunZain to beget, cohabit; to commit fornication; to commit adultery; to play the harlot; a shore, harlot; religious apostasy; to go whoring (after sex, idols, the True God, etc.) .
HayTetMemChet pr.n. “Place of Lizards”.
VauHayYodLamedBetTet pr.n. “Yah has plunged”, “Yah has consecrated”, “Yah has baptised”.
NunBetYod (712 w/f) ; to understand. (compare Nun-finalBetAleph)
HayGimelVauChetMem compass or compasses (for striking a circle) .
HayVauAlephNun desirable or lovely.
ChetDaletNun to thrust out or expel; to impel or strike; to be thrown out; to be driven out; an outcast.
BetDaletVauNun pr. n. “Nobility”.
HayZainNun to bound or spring; to spurt.
BetYodNun fruit or produce.
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That’s actually helpful

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Thats what I meant by Gematria. Though, to fully analyze 62, you must still look up 31 and 8 and match comparable patterns of words with that given number.

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I see. I will look into it. Thank you.

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Look here, then page up to 31 and 8, then take notes of the words and map the patterns.

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I visited his page a lot when I was doing gematria, correspondence and reduction tables.
Baal jumps out at me however as to answer the original question.

I actually tried to search some stuff on gematria but couldnt find good source. Thank you for this!!!

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You’re welcome, anytime :slight_smile:

@johnbad Angel number 062 is a very nice number. It’s logical that you see 61 too.
First alll it says ‘Trust the universe’.

1 = manifestation
2 = the path will work out fine, don’t worry.

Trust that your material needs will be met.
Have trust in the universe.

I find it very interesting because many magicians ask why their magick doesn’t work or ‘there is no change’.
You are the change. You need to trust yourself. Change your mindset. Believe that it will happen.
People are blocking themselves because of questioning their abilities.

Say that it will happen. So mote it be. So will it be.
Amen means ‘So be it’


Thanks for that. I need it.


Ehm, guys a little update here. I had a crazy synchronicity a little while ago. I was reading the psychic vampire codex and I read something that answers so many questions about some things that happened in the past. Ofmg I am literally shaking and my heart bumps like crazy.
Yeah you can easily guess which pages the part I read was.