Does telling someone about a ritual cancel it out or make it dangerous?

When I first got into magick someone said they did a ritual for me with a powerful deity that would have effect. Anyway he told me not to tell anyone. It’s been a couple months and I was really upset me and my mom got into a fight so I confessed it. What could happen?


Do you want other people touching your food by putting their fingers into it? Same thing about energies. Else you want them their energy into your stuff, I would suggest to remain quite until it as manifested for you.


I wholeheartedly believe in free speech and seek the great revealing. I think we should all soldier up and be real. Occultists are everywhere.

Then again, honesty will get you locked in a mental hospital without due process or any recourse. As a friend I advise that you Do Not talk to muggles.


No, telling someone about a ritual will not cancel it out or make it dangerous, unless they go out of their way to do a counter ritual but unlikely.


The main reason for the admonition to “keep silent” is to prevent you from taking the energy away from your own magick.

When you go around telling all and sundry about a ritual, you funnel all of your power into the telling, instead of the result.

Telling one or two people close to you won’t really make a difference, but don’t talk about what you have done with more than that until the result has come to pass.


its best to be quiet, but i dont believe it cancels it, the first rule in magick is intention, the second is subconscious certainty, when the 2 go together, nothing stops it from manifesting

If you don’t believe it makes a difference it won’t but if the person believes in the power of it it will be amplified if they don’t believe and mock you and you get down about it and suddenly stop believing in the power of it that will effect it. But if you believe and they don’t and they mock you and it doesn’t effect you or even better strengthens your resolve then it will be amplified and when the see the results after having mocked you and are filled with terror and mortified by the untimely coincidence…well, now that my friend is the sweetest joy and then you can feel free to gloat and showboat.


This wasn’t much a ritual, but I have been manifesting my bf a gift for his bday for a while (this is actually the 2nd time it’s worked last year and now this year) but this year has worked a lot better lol. I wanted to manifest him a new PC and I told people “aye ima try and manifest him a new PC cause hell he needs it” and just recently he was gifted a 1k gaming PC lol. However, there was also a case last year I manifested a friend a car, albeit it was a car he got handed down from his grandparents (which he wanted) I wanted him to get a new one but I suppose the path wasn’t present enough for him to get a new one but to get one closer to the current situation.

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Silence is golden in every sense of the word. True power is silent and yet all its expressions, as magnificent they may seem at times, are illusory noise. Secrecy in ritual work is to foster belief by a) making it seem very important to keep it secret and, more importantly, b) protecting you from the manifestation/reflection of your own fears. Everything in your experience is an arrangement of your consciousness. Shift the consciousness and the “external reality” instantly matches it.

To be honest, spend as much time as you can being aware of the still and silent nature of your Omnipresence. Silence is golden regardless of the ritual.


I suggest you shut up about any of the things you are doing, until they manifest. Even then, if you can remain silent, you should. And keep your emotions in check.

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