Does someone know this name

Good morning,
I already used the search function here as well as Google but I didn’t get any results.
In my dream right now I felt this massive spiritual presence and in a mix of curiousity and fear I wanted to know who it is. The pressure got even stronger so that even the candels u lighted up in the dream extinguished and I woke up and had this name in my mind suddenly.
Something like Raneel.
Did someone heared this name before?

Is it possible that you heard a part of the name instead of its entirety? Such as Hadraniel, who is an angel

I can’t really say…
I know the exact situation but only this name or part of the name.

I went outside in the dream and tried to light up a candle what was already nearly impossible and as the candel went out again I was going inside of the house of my father and there was this strong pressure.

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Hm interesting. Well, if it was Hadraniel (not saying it is but there are some things that are ringing in my mind), a strong presence would make sense. His presence is like an “angelic” version of Abbadon’s, completely massive

Well I’m familiar with very strong presences since my two draconic souls are like a magnet for strong entitys so I was already visited by lilith but even her presence was not this mighty and massive as the one half a hour ago.

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Egypt godess, its a few. But let us knw wat was in u dream. From situation a god may come up.

These are close as well. Not saying it’s them either, just thst, as states above, perhaps it’s something close to what thought

maybe raniel(angel)

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This is the closest to the name I could find without it being part of a name as suggested previously.

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