Does scrying also work with a tv/laptop screen?

Hi there, does anyone ever tried this succesfully?


Yes, it does. You can scry into any dark surface.

In the heyday of Chaos Magick, THEE TEMPLE OF PSYCHIC YOUTH (TOPY) was famous for using broken television sets, and static, for scrying.

In one of his books, the author Konstantinos mentions using a bucket of oil, and a glass of Coke-Cola for scrying.

I have used a cell phone screen.


You can use any surface to scry with. Whatever works for you, do it up.


Cell phone screens, TV’s, bowls of water, darkness itself. Even the inside of your eyelids.

Just make sure to fumigate/cleanse whatever cell phones, TV’s, tablets, etc. with incense, sage or whatever before using.


Ive done it before with my tv screen (turned off) really you can use any surface you’ve got. Devices with the dark screens are the easiest available black mirrors!


I use an old IPad. Works very well.


Hey everyone! :smiley: Thanks a bunch for your answers! Much much much appreciated!

-I’m super psyched! - Thanksss! Totally going to get deeper into it :smiley:


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While I’m sure any surface can be used to scry, for some reason it works better for me with aluminum foil. I don’t know why, but it just does. Seeing the spirit in other things is harder, but I have seen them on the ceiling, particularly Belial on the textured ceiling, and once even on the wall.

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Genesis P-Orridge is/was a mad genius. No idea if she is still alive though.