Does religion affect Evocation capabilities

Hello E.A. Koetting, I’ve been thinking about what you said in the first video of Mastering Evocation. You were raised in a Mormon household, with a very religious family, yet you were able to go to a cave and succesfully contact a demon. I was raised in a household of Yhwh yet since I was 14 I’ve always felt that eventually I would be unhappy with it and start to pursue magick to get what I want. I’ve been inactive for 4 years with the religion, not handing any reports and missing weekly meetings, as well as many major events.
I am in the process of writing my letter of disassociation, in case I need to do this step as an official indication of my intent since 4 years ago.
Has your Mormon upbringing held back results in your evocation at first or did it not really matter? Has it interfered in any way even when you were not practicing the religion? I want to know this, because I’m using sigils and gazing and getting faint glimpses of something. Yet I want to be sure if the results will be much better and clearer if I make the disassociation more official.

Edit: I would like to add that my great uncle, my grandmother’s uncle, was a practioner of magick most likely in voudon practices. That was the last of magick practioners in our family and I seem to be the only one interested in many generations.

I am breaking out of a similar spiritual prison. For me, the Left Hand Path is about liberating myself from the false limitations that I was told to believe were on my life.

If you study a methodology of evocation, such as EA’s method and try it for yourself, you may re-discover the power that was always in you, but you had been told belonged to some external deity.

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Thank you for your insight and sharing that you are also on a similar path of breaking free from this prison. I feel like im not alone in this experience. I will continue to try and focus with EA’s method to awaken my ability to see and contact spirits. These links are very helpful!

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P.S. belief is a tool. Be careful what you believe