Does Qliphothic energy differ in different Qliphothic traditions?

Hello folks. I have a question about something that I’ve been curious about for some time now. I have done some Qliphothic work in my life, however, it’s somewhat limited due to its rather “extreme” nature. I have only used sigils from TOTBL. And after my latest experiences with such workings, I came to the conclusion that TOTBL seeks to channel and work with the absolute darkest and most sinister energies there is. They even state this in many invocations, like “I invoke your most sinister and darkest aspect!” bla bla bla. I love the work, but at the same time it feels a bit limiting. Have anyone here tried the material from TOTBL and compared it to that of for example Temple of the Ascending Flame or Dragon Rouge, or any other author like Edgar Kerval? Is it just the very nature of the Qliphoth to delve into the deepest darkness, or are the other traditions a bit more “balanced”? After my initiation into Aghora tantra I found out that even darkness has different “nuances”, and I want to experience them all. I still love western occultism and want to practice it side by side with tantra, but I’m considering if current 218 really is the right path because of its extreme polarity.

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I ask someone who do quliptop he say ask me anything,and I did he get ma wen I ask wat exactly you win / get from tis,? He got surprised I say it’s a hobby ? Because you giving yourself to them and getting nothing back ,? He was in shock, from there my question is wat kind of quliptop you follow,I’m aware it’s authors,and culture thing, from Europe to south America,not answering tat Hebrew thing,? Wat purpose? He say anything else ? Bcse I’m really busy,and dnt feel like talking of tis personal matters, I see people’s calling doing rituals but to me you can use something else and get the same thing but to each his own.