Does protecting entities leave when you banish?

Hi everyone, I am not sure about this since I am still a beginner. Should I call back my protectors after I banish before/after a spell?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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What do you mean “after you vanish?”

Do you mean banish?


Hi when remove or disappear what is not wanted I think? English is not my first language so I may get words wrong sometimes lol

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Yes, I think you meant banish, which means to remove the unwanted.

And you can simply do your banishing ritual with the intention of removing everything except your protectors, and they’ll stay put.


Makes sense thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I don’t know what type of banishing ritual you are doing, but it might make it easier for your mind if you state your intention out loud and say something like, “I clear this space, it’s boundaries made pure, free of all unwanted beings and negative forces, guarded by my protectors and guides, strong and inviolable,” for example.


I am doing the the Sword Banishing Ritual from Damon Brand where you say the names of the angels, I was actually about to ask you that, because I was wondering if I should say something like that before or after I call them

I’m not familiar with the Sword Banishing, but what kind of protectors do you have? If they are demonic, they might not like an angelic banishing. However, you should still be able to insert something to the effect that everything but your guardians are banished into the ritual.


I haven’t started working with demons yet but that is very interesting, thanks for bringing that up, what type of banishing or book would you suggest in case the protectors are demonic? Also can I combine demonic and angelic protectors?

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Yes you can.

However, just keep things simple. Put a statement of intent into the ritual that says all guardian spirits are welcome. That should be good.

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K, thank you for the advice :slight_smile:

When I did the magickal protection ritual it requires the banishing first and I had the same concern as I was trying to build relationships with many demons and spirits didn’t want them to disconnect from my energies , i did research and was told it doesn’t effect that . I’m not totally sure but I think it was answered on gallery of magick faq of magickal protection page !

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Thank you, so much, that helped me a lot. I will check out with their page. I have a tuxedo cat as well btw lol

For some reason I just thought about sailor moon lol

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