Does parents guard children as spirits after their death?

Hi, hope you all are doing good. I was wondering, parents are always there for their kids no matter what. Even if kids do something wrong, they will take softer approach. The love is unconditional and every lasting between parents and children.

Now my question is that if people turn to be spirits after death and by that they get some special powers, like being invisible yet listening to everything around, can see everything, can travel faster than light to places, etc, why don’t they use this empowers to help their kids to porposer in life and eliminate all their pornlems/enemies?

Or is it that they cut all emotions with human beings once they die? I’ve heard of spirits stating attached to properties or people whom they love so deeply, then why don’t they do something to make their kids road full of roses?

Any thoughts?

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It depends on the faith of the parents/family, some believe their family and ancestors are still around in the higher planes, some believe they reincarnated, personally I believe physical ties only matter while you’re alive and depending on the individual they will either remain around to help or leave the physical ties behind when they leave and reincarnate or go “home” or whatever it is their beliefs hold.


I have definitely seen signs of my parents around, helping me out (especially when I was letting the wrong people take advantage of me – quite like one might describe “poltergeist activity”) as well as in dreams. I think that spirits are limited by the level of spiritual power they achieved in life, though.