Does masturbation attract any spirit as a free offering?

I would ask a deity for favors but I wouldn’t really know what it wants in return, so I didn’t pour wine or draw blood, etc. But I would masturbate nearly every night. Could this be an offering or must I have to use my semen on the sigil or candle… and could this possibly attract any other spirits that want this semen?

Well, evoke the spirit and ask if that would be a suitable offering. Some may want it, some may not.


No masturbate not count either u offer in a rgt way,seal.drawing, picture,letter, not mental magic but u can adapt.and get a reading in tat case otherwise do it as the rule.tru I read someone in bed call the grimorium verum and got wat he wants from bed, options are yours.

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It depends on the entity that you are trying to draw out. If you are trying to draw out a sexual spirit such as a succubus or incubus, it will draw them like moths to a flame. Also, if you masturbate but do not reach orgasm, they can come and finish you off due to the sexual energy.

However, some will not stop there. They can cause multiple orgasms. In such a case, you may be lucky if you don’t deal with sleep paralysis.


I have dealt with sleep paralysis for my whole life and I have had shadows visit me and even woman-like figures touch me and all. Is that when they typically come? During sleep?

Well this has to do with sacred masculinity and the Great God Pan. So a wiccan men coven would be great for you

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Masturbating just to masturbate? No. Intentionally harnessing sex energy for an offering? Yes. Sex magick is powerful and there are many posts about it on this forum. When you set intention to it try this: First announce to the spirit that you are giving an energy offering, imagine a ball of energy above you and as you masturbate the ball grows larger or brighter (either works as the point is directly feeding the ball of energy in some way). There are different techniques to choose from as for the climax. Some choose to send the ball away (to the spirit) while others may choose to have the ball explode. Do some research, that’s just a bit of what I’ve gathered.


It could also draw out parasitic beings to. So probably better to have a specific entity/spirit in mind and not just a broad catagory that could increase the chances of something else taking that energy.

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Even if it is a parasitic being, terms can be given where it is of mutual benefit. Succubus and Incubus beings are just like us, they always want it to be both sides to gain something. Respect and gratitude go a a long way with these beings. However, both succubus and incubus beings are all offspring of Lilith.

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Oh, sorry I didn’t mean that succubi/Incubi are parasitic (I mean some can be), I do agree that they are just like us (just like humans some care/love/mutual and some are parasitic just like some humans).

I meant more those astral parasites that alot of new magicians have to deal with.


I thought those were a myth


That’s why you set terms before you summon them or commune with them. It’s fairly simple. A succubus is like a dominatrix, even dominant women sit down and set terms within a contract of sorts that lay out the foundation of business and pleasure dealings before they kick off any kind of activity.

I’ve never summoned any lol. If I didn’t already have one with me from early on, I don’t think I would have chosen to do any summoning/etc. I prefer things to come naturally, and not letter of intent thing.

Some don’t necessarily need summoning. They come to you whenever they see you in certain times of your life and stay with you. If they go ahead and push their limits, that’s when you might need a letter of intent.

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Well the wiccan men are lots and very interesting and as witches totally strange with that perverted harm none policy :flushed:

I’m sure they would find us strange as well, also, your use of the word “perverted” is strange, quite exquisite I would say, within the context