Does magick ruins your life?

Does magick ruins your I wanted to know this for a long time because I read about magick and sucess spells but most of them not that rich and successful I know about the side-effects of baneful magick but does every magick has its side effect ??

Not really but often times when someone goes down the rabbit hole at a “bad angle” they can self sabotage their life. It’s happened quite often with people who don’t add critical thinking into it or newbies who jump right into channeling and acting like high and mighty claircognizance magicians lol.

Baneful magick side effects are more mental unless you do it with regret in which case it could backfire.

so all in all magick can ruin your life if you approach it from a ‘bad angle’ but otherwise not really.


So If I use magick while thinking positively then no serious bad stuff will happen? ( not including baneful magick)

There’s one belief I’ve come to learn about when it comes to baneful work is that if you hold regret when doing it, then it’s likely to either backfire or you create your own form of “karma” due to that regret. So it’s thought to be completely sure of yourself when doing it.


Yes its but only if u nit have thw rgt training. And yes it can make you rich. Powerful after years of practice. And knw the rgt stuff. And tricks some peools believe tey are rich magicians but rhe realty is not one seems to knw a real magician. Rich and why,? Bcse we dnt have the rgt training. Dangerously yes.

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I don’t think it’s magic that actually ruins your life…magic has always been here…imo it’s the person wielding the magic.

I agree with @anon48079295 its how it’s approached, lack of knowledge and experience that cause issues.


It just takes diligence and listening to your intuition … I still suffer greatly from my lack of caution I displayed when starting … but I honestly think you can’t evolve without facing horrible ass shit that destroys you

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So you mean it’s fixed like " you do magick yoo are doomed " that kinda secenario and also other people suggest things it can be avoided with right training and lack

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My philosophy is your tools will be your free will your wisdom , diligence , inituition, and thinking skills , don’t allow your free will to be bypassed by inviting crap in / anything you have little knowledge of


I understand what you are talking about I will get dependent on it I will have a balance

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It is not that magick would ruin your life, it’s only that it may not make it better, you may become someone who does magick yet lives worse than an atheist or a regular christian


But that would only happen if I do magick all day like maniac and not live a life right ?

It would happen if the magick you do doesn’t improve your life, which is the case I’ve seen the most during my career. It usually happens because of an imbalance between the importance of people’s paradigms and mundane objectives, plus a total lack of spiritual ambitions, thus those people do magic but go nowhere with it


But that’s the only way to do it, my friend… :sunglasses:

You just have to pick those big goals that will make it all worthwhile, and they’re usually in the end not going to be the petty, low-level crap a lot of people think magick’s about.


So it’s like go big or go home

I will try to have a balance

When you fuck it up, sure can. Same with most things.

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No, but it sertainly makes you spelling bad…