Does Lucifer work in stages if you ask him to work on your astral senses

I did 2 evocation of Lucifer 2 weeks ago and a prayer a week ago.
I communicate in dreams. So firstly I saw a demon in my dream, then a few days later an image of him as an angel. And finally this night I reached my goal. I think I was in the astral plane in an environment that I knew in my past. He was sitting there as a boy saying now he has no time at this moment and then he was gone. So I asked a lady who was there when he has time. She called him and he said this thursday.

Beside that I feel my fear (former believe) is tested. And I seem to have no problem anymore with that. So that’s good.

But before the dream some entity was in my sleeping room trying to scare me like suffocating in my sleep but it had no effect at all.

What does this mean?

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Is it good to do a banishing ritual in my temple just to be sure. Or is this simple testing fear?

I need to add that if Lucifer is there I feel save and protected. So it’s not an egregore. Maybe it was beside Lucifer, but than I feel protected.

I got a really good feeling that he is going to teach me of this all

I think alot of these “tests” “trails” can be different for everyone!
Working with Lucifer does open the possibility of inner Alchemy and this can feel very strange at times!

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@3Lucius3 Thank you, good to hear and verify myself.

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I am curious about that as well. Just some days ago I wanted to finally evoke some demons but just when I was about to do it, a very good friend of mine said a demon haunted him last night and that was horrible.
So well, lol I decided not to mess up with demon beings.

Maybe that was a test, idk.

He can always ask the spirit to identify itself (sigil), mostly fear (egregore) or lesser spirit. Banishing could be an option. In my case most things are a test I think.