Does learning make abilities manifest and open third eye fast?

I have been learning all night! And from me learning! My clairvoyance opening up and it’s still opening up! I have been feeling my crown chakra and my third eye all night! And in just one night my Clairvoyance has opened up a lot! I can imagine evil spirits hurting me. Like a few examples would be. A evil spirit stealing my soul! trapped in a room by a evil spirit and me asking for help! And I can’t fully visualize it! But I have the thought of. If I get to where I can fully visualize them im gonna imagine me in a demonic realm! And I’ll actually be there! And I’m not talking about a imagination thing where it’s not real! I’m talking about I will actually be there! Unable to leave and trapped! I’ve also been seeing flashes of light! And hearing frequencies that come out of nowhere! And I just heard one when typing this post! I guess I’m getting a bit paranoid! But I don’t believe this will happen me going crazy. But yeah and I’ve been feeling a heat come over me! And I’ve been feeling more open not sure how to explain it! Like I feel more connected with the spirit realms! And I have been manifesting my third eye to open fast! But I better eat and go to bed! I also connected with a spirit and she helped me! And I think there is a spirit in the room! The room got really dark and dense! And I saw it next to me I’m not scared of it! Just don’t want it to latch onto me! So yeah! I will update if anything else happens!

Also I’ve been taking vitamins. Which I think are helping me intensely to open my third eye.

you want to be trapped in hell?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
i’m not judging… i’m just curious…

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Wow congratulations
But what did you do all night to open up your chakras and which type of vitamins have you taken?
Hope that will continue to work for you

I have been meditating and reading on the stuff I desire to learn about and the vitamins are called the meditation I do consist of expansion of consciousness and opening up clairvoyance and gaining my third eye to open I think I got a bit paranoid thinking so much about what was happening I’m doing good tho and yeah I’m gonna continue my meditation and I’m gonna wait until my chakras do its thing and I have been working on aligning with my shadow self and wanting to connect with my higher self by opening my third eye and using learning as a way to reach that in my life

This is the link to the vitamins I’ve been using I chose 2 vitamin bottles and I felt drawn to this one

I’m sorry, but I don’t think anything is really happening. You’ve been jumping all over this forum, posting anything and everything that comes into your head. In my opinion, you have a serious issue with focusing, and are likely getting caught up in self delusion, where you think you are making all this progress when you really are not.

We’ve seen it before on here so it’s all too familiar. You need to take a breath, slow down and step back from everything.


Ok well I talked to a buddy of mine and he let me know what is going on with me and he pointed me in the right direction of what is goin on

I over reacted I had a lot goin in on my mind and I got some sleep
Just wanted to update everyone

Your right about me posting everything that comes to mind I’ll stop posting everything that comes to mind

A buddy of mine sent me some links as to what Is happening to me and me and him talked about me

I’m gonna take a break on posting on this site