Does jacking off to a sigil even work?

When I’ve done sigil magick, I only meditate like 5 minutes before writing the desire, but since I started trying it I figured I’d go the easy route first so I tried that whole idea where an orgasm gives you a trance. Now in terms of forgetting, I do forget it, but only eventually. So far, it has done nothing when I do it that way, otherwise I have to focus on the intent while I’m doing it rather than what the writers suggest which is don’t think about it and let the sigil enter your subconscious, not that it means much to me because if they’re going to make the point that logos are sigils then I very much do have conscious thoughts evoked when I look at them.


Ultimately such thing can be handy , on one hand to allow forces to flow through you - to ultimately manifest or ground your ritual. Sexual energy, opens up your subconscious as you may have noticed , making you receptive- and the orgasm itself makes you surrender to your subconscious - though the orgasm would be something optional. I assume that masturbation for a man would be different than for a woman in terms of embodying the masculine projective versus the feminine receptive - during the building up. As a man fantasizes about penetrating and things in that projective nature and a woman generally about receiving/being receptive in whatever way she would like that?

Optionally - If you wish to go up deeply into that sexual energy, you might wish to choose a demon that can bring you self-empowerment in that energy - e.g. Belial, Lillith, Beelzebub, Satan,…)

I did find some videos here, that when combined, might give you something powerful to work with.

P.S. Using a sigil in the universal circle - after clearly stating your intent might work powerfully.

  • Hope it helps you out -

Yes it works


I’m quoting the Satanic bible on masturbation. I’d say go for it. “Masturbation, considered a sexual taboo by many people, creates a guilt problem not easily
dealt with. Much emphasis must be placed on this subject, as it constitutes an extremely
important ingredient of many a successful magical working.”


Yes. It works. That’s all I’m going to say.


It does. I’ve had good ecperiences with that.

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Yessss. I’m telling you it wooooorrrkkkkss


My best moment, TMI though lol! Lavey’s altar almost always had a naked lady on it. You can have sex during a ritual. I embodied that by playing the black mass on youtube and masturbating focussing on my entity asking it to touch me in several places. It felt good, but even better when that entity was actually the one doing the touching. That’s only happen once. :wink:

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Herewith please find a related technique - great for sigils your conscious mind has forgotten. Enjoy!



I assume you’re playing semantic games. When I say “works” I mean gets results near consistently. Based on some of my research, however, many report that this is not the case.

That’s what I meant. It works as in I get results extremely fast. And consistently. I just literally mean it works my dude. Extremely well.


I had sone difficulties manifeyting my desires with this method but i enjoy jacking off so i still do it from time to time.


Yes it does

All I can say is it seemed to be energy wise a game changer… yes it works

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Is it okay to do drugs for a higher state?

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So, we should obviously craft a sigil together and circle jerk, am I right?

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Lol sure thing

I much prefer to use blood, personally.


I find that there are other easier and more effective ways than to wank onto a sigil.

But that’s just my feelings on the subject.

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