Does it matter?

When you invoke/evoke a spirit after staring at the sigil for ages, if you haven’t got accessories would they do less for you. If you would’ve gott the accessories would they do more for you? I haven’t got candles, incense etc… Just doing it by mobile and iPad with a bible on me.

The accessories are for the magician, not the spirit. If you can establish a connection without the tools, then there is no need for them.


Sorry for asking but how would you know when there’s a connection? Voices? Feelings? Assumption?

It depends on the person as well as their senses, but a feeling seems to be the most common (it was for me when I started with evocation). The best way i can describe it is that change in the air when someone in power walks into the room and everyone’s attention is turned to the individual before they are even announced. Kinda like that.

That being said, it may not be the same for you. A tip I like to recommend is to knock on the wall or on the floor a three times and say that the ritual is beginning. Then repeat when the ritual has ended, stating that it is over. This gives a clear beginning and ending of the ceremony and anything that happens in between is part of the experience, no matter how small. Save any doubts until after that final set of knocking

I really like this video :slight_smile:


Thank you bro I will use your knocking method next time.

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