Does it affect others?

When I cast a baneful spell will the energy affect others in my house?

I have cast some defensive baneful peititons and it was successful and people in my house were fine (I banished and worked with trusted deities).

This time it’s different and my intrusive thoughts (probably caused by my enemies) are filling me with fear of hurting innocents. Don’t tell me that I must be willing to let others get hurt, my arrows are only for my enemies.

Btw targets ancestors were interfering so an Underworld God friend of mine bound them. Very effective.


Yay you.


I give credit to the deity :grin:

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What Daemons would be best for bounding ancestors. I don’t wish to harm this person but I am wanting an apology for a wrong done to me by them and I feel that the persons ancestors are preventing it. I have sent things “out” and nothing yet.

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Depends, some curses the energy can fester, some it all goes to the target.

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Honestly while I agree it depends, you’d probably be better off with a god related to death/crossroads/helping people cross over etc- Hel, Hades, Baron Samedi etc.

In fact the god in that sort of petition related to their particular ancestry would probably be most effective, if you could garner their aid.


I’d be ashamed of you if you accepted that your family had to suffer for your works tbh, so good on that one.

Banish, protect, actively use shields/wards and if you are certain it comes from the targets and not your mind, a mirror box is very effective- though I don’t usually have sympathetic links or photos of the target. I make a clay puppet from the flour and salt recipes for making playdough. It’s a very effective way to make a puppet, because you can focus your intent and energy on making it them, then I use aluminum foil, to wrap the inside and outside of the box, because it’s reflective just like a mirror and a helluva lot cheaper. You can even fashion hair and facial features and clothes out of the clay with food coloring or paint if it suits you.

When you think those thoughts, just say nope, I reject that reality and dismiss them.



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Thank you so very much!! I’ve been stewing about this for awhile now. I demand an apology from this person. I did NOTHING wrong. I was honest and right now I feel as if I got a very undeserved slap in the face. Hell no.

His parents were Christians. Church every single Sunday. He skipped out when he could. Honestly I don’t remember him ever going to be honest. Hell, His sister and I used to hide in his room to keep from having to go ourselves when I stayed the night to keep his parents from finding us. "they’ll never find us HERE. And didn’t lol. As far as ancestors go his mom dad and sister as well as bio dad are gone. First three have known me since I was a child. And know damn well I would never ever hurt him. EVER But ive made it clear to them today I will pretty much bulldoze their asses down unless the allow my spells to pass. Their son/brother owes me an apology. He did me wrong and they know it. I think I will call Hades Hecate and Bune. One for each of them to bind and block them so my work can reach him properly. I know his bio dads first name (he told me) and might even add Hel for good measure.


Any entity which rules over the dead. In my case it was Yama.

I’m going with petition and servitors.

I’ll second this!

Yeah I try not to screw over innocent people.

This mirror box seems like a good idea. I’ll look into it thanks! I do have wards, shields and a servitor to clear up residue in place. I am somewhat worried as the targets will be staying over for a while (they have no lives outside making everyone miserable).

Thanks for the advice!

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