Does doing black magick lower your vibration?

I have watch a video where someone does a hypnotic session and they did a session on what black magick is. Who uses it ect.

One of the things it mentioned that it lowers your vibrations.

Is this correct?

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It’s incorrect.
Perhaps the vibrations just seem more chaotic to granola star children.

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Well in my tradition they really low you positive vibes,it’s why you must take baths,such positive vibes, purification, success etc after each work, if I don’t do tat,you can get creepy vibes,prays help but take forever,mind each bath is supost to be 36 days shield, cleaning, and I see much success after taking baths ,even a beer shower

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It depends on the celebrant. If you feel bad about it or you feel pity or whatever then yes it lowers your vibration near to selfdestruction.

If you feel enraged, still passionly full of hate and power it catapults you directly to middle-high vibration.

If you love yourself for doing it and knowing truly doing dark workings is right then the celebrant has a high vibration.


Sometimes we get the energy,vivbe,Asmodeus pure carnal sex which can make us a magnet go others,a predator,others a god,xexbeth can make wowen,stop and talk to you,mwrim make you so irresitble tat wowen have to ask about you,for started,and almost make them naked,tat is guys see another’s can pick u vibe

I don’t believe in “vibrations” but it just sounds like the same pseudo-Wiccan “if you cast curses it’ll come back at you” which is just dependent on your belief system. My culture includes curses with its magic, there’s nothing bad about it or anything that says you’ll be punished etc. We have stories of even children getting cursed with illness because they trampled old women’s gardens. I wouldn’t worry about it. Don’t believe every single thing a practitioner tells you. It’s part of their practice but it doesn’t have to be part of yours. Cultivate your own system by borrowing whatever pieces you want from practices that are open to you.



I have to agree with what @rav said about the workings and how they will effect your vibe.

Black magick can be a powerful purifier. Imagine getting even with someone who fucked you over really bad. Alot of toxic emotions can be excellent fuel for baneful magick and when it’s over those emotions are no longer blocked and trapped in the self lowering the overall vibration of the practioner.

Hate, envy, pride, wrath are all very powerful emotions that need to be channelled into a proper venue or they fester in the emotional body.


Well it depends on what you call black magick

Black magick really means service to self, it is the type of magick that adds to the soul, it fortifies the self and deals more with self deification and fortification which is really important, it doesn’t matter if you’re a “white magician” because every person has a black and white side to them, neglecting one over the other isn’t wise because you put yourself in a box

White magick deletes from the soul, so everything that isn’t good, most angelic forces delete from the soul while the demons the magnetic energy add to it, most lightworkers are broke because they don’t add anything to themselves through black magick because of their spiritual super ego that demonizes their own ego…

So black magick you could say is the primal energy the chaos which the white magick the heavenly energy gives order and shape too…

I personally don’t identify as a white or black magician, for example if someone screws me over I see what that experience taught before I even think of entertaining baneful thoughts, when you master both hands you don’t really see anything as an enemy anymore and nothing feels beyond you anymore either, most reason magicians fight is because there’s internal conflict being projected into the external, hence the reason it’s silly to choose sides

Black magick to bring in money, love etc. i don’t see any problem with that just make sure it’s sustainable and good for you overall because if I’ve learned anything you’re responsible for what you create, that’s why contemplation before casting any type of magick is useful because if you don’t consider certain things it’ll come biting you in ass later on, self mastery is the keyword though, otherwise magick can be a curse due to ignorance

@Alahimavatara Wow I knew there’d be some very different opinions on what black magic and a black Magician actually is.

I don’t know I agree with you here but I’d like to know where you found this definition. Is this a teaching you encountered along the way or a synthesis of your experience and knowledge?

I’m genuinely curious. Just because I don’t agree with it doesn’t mean I’m saying you’re wrong. :wink:

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It all read to me like a paraphrase and synthesis of multiple web sourced information on magick.

@warsaw I’ve seen the black magic builds character in the magickian (my own paraphrase) on numerous sights purporting to be black magick and satanic sites. Those same usually say that white lighters are poor because they don’t take from others and deplete themselves.

I haven’t fully developed a philosophy but I disagree as far as the white light depletes and black magic builds because it’s too simplistic a conclusion.

If you are expending energy cursing in theory you are depleting your energy not building it up and in theory if you are healing someone as a white lighter you are building up yourself with good feelings.

As I say I haven’t developed a full blown philosophy but imo any magic Can do either. White light can build, black can deplete and vice versa it all depends literally on what magic you are doing. But that’s as far as I’ve got with the whole analysis of that theory you paraphrased.

The act and how it’s performed not the definition is what determines whether it depletes or builds the practitioner in any way (physically, spiritually, egotistically, or even monetarily). If you always charge you’ll have money if you always do stuff free you won’t a which is about how it’s done. Having good or bad vibes or having or not having energy is about how you do the act of magick.


The RHP is kedusha ( holiness) from a kabbalistic perspective. The LHP is Sitra Ahra.
According to kabbalist thought each of us, every man, woman and child make the decision moment by moment if we are glorifying Kedusha ( God) or the shadows of sitrah ahra.

A black Magician to my mind is a practicioner who willfully follows the LHP to self deification and exaltation. The RHP seek to glorify the ALL in thier words and deeds and be reabsorbed into the divine providence when thier life is over.

A black Magician is frequently allied with LHP entities.

A RHP magician tries to keep everything pure and untainted by the left.

Those are the major distinctions I see.

I personally decided to boldly pursue the LHP.

My definitions come from being taught as a RHP Kabbalist student by my first teacher 21 years ago.

Many of you may see it differently, that’s fine I’m just saying where I’m coming from.


Well when you look at how the concepts and characteristics of white and black, light and dark interact with human consciousness you realize that they are in essence both designed to serve the same master which is you, you have a left hand and a right hand, both paths lead to the same place but also aren’t separate from each other

Choosing black magick or white magick is simply choosing which road you want to take on your path to goodhood, most masters teach the middle path because black and white magicians tend to fight their own unintegrated counterpart

As a person that’s already reached self realization and the divine light, you realize that enlightenment is inevitable regardless of the path you take, the enlightened master however, a true master is completely integrated into the concept of black magick and white magick because a true master no longer sees things in polarity, no separation

Black magick being feminine, the left receiving hand is primal chaos or Shakti, while the right hand, The masculine is the descending light which you could call the angels or angles of light…

Most right hand path people like the saints and gurus etc. that stay away from the left hand path will always need huge amounts of supporters etc. because they aren’t self sustaining, they aren’t fortified in the lower realms which is black magick territory

And most black magicians completely neglect the higher realms and more angelic archetypes because they’re too human, too infernal and too involved in the physical, becoming a master of magick is to master life and mysticism, in order to make changes in one’s life in resonance with the soul rather than the ego, this requires understanding the light and darkness, the devils and angels we all carry within us, the darkness is pure potential

Black magick in general doesn’t mean malevolent magick, black magick can become malevolent if it is used for that intention but it’s true definition is service to self, which is anything that you receive whether it be making food, going to the gym, making money, hurting someone else because of what you think is right, love spells because of you think is right etc. is termed as black magick… morals can become a little relative that’s why it’s considered dangerous for people that have weak character

White magick is the act of giving, healing, protection, teaching, degrees of self sacrifice, devotion etc. is white magick, both go hand in hand, and one cannot master magick without knowing how to use both of his hands

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This i do agree with

Yes I understand where you are coming from you made so good points my friend.