Does Belial require a offering the first time you evoke him?

I read that when evoking the demonic Kings they require a offering when first evoked.

I did that the first time with king paimon but i just burned a whole incense stick for him.

I hear Belial likes more thoughtful or emotion attached offerings and of course blood so if he requires one before hand I don’t know what to give him.

I’m a little hesitant to offer some drops of blood when first working with a spirit because I always thought it kinda binds them to you. I don’t have any needles to prick my finger anyway. Also my state stops selling alcohol after 10 pm.

I don’t think Belial would just suck off all my energy but at the same time this is my first time working with him.

Does he require an offering first ? If so what is something he likes besides blood ?


You can evoke him with incense and ask him what he wants from you. He asks for different things sometimes.
I’ve given frankincense and dragon’s blood incense with success.

I’d agree, don’t feel you have to give blood on the first meeting.


@anon48957109 so I understand when you say “ ask him what he wants” you mean for just evoking him ?

I already have a good offering in mind for the task itself.


Ya, and just offerings in general. Spirits usually know what you’re willing to give and what makes you uncomfortable. Most try not to push you because an offering doesn’t mean anything if it’s unwillingly given.

I’m glad you’ve got an idea already, he’ll probably like it don’t worry.


Belial takes all forms of offerings and sacrifices. If people tell you otherwise such as (he doesnt like blood or this or that) then they most likely are trying to influence your opinion, and chances are you are dealing with something else.

Theres a whole entire category of metaphysical knowledge on offerings and sacrifices.

Rule of thumb with Belial: You get what you give.


@Meowlix I see. Considering I’m giving up something that’s almost like an addiction for me for a long period of time and I assigned a task I know he’s more than capable of doing I expect nothing but great results from this spirit. I definitely have no doubt about his power.

On another note that was probably the quickest evocation I’ve ever done.

I Was looking up his enn and listened to it for a few minutes an hour or so before the ritual. When I finally evoked him and was meditating I head a voice say “ I’m already here but go ahead and fully evoke me anyway.”

Candles constantly flickered, took no time for the sigil to glow , and felt a slight prensence but the incense smoke was kinda going chaotic.

The kicker though was I got retina orbs and kept seeing one in my third eye area as well.

I’ve never had that happen so quick before or so intense and my senses are far from all the way open.

He was pretty quiet as well. I expected him to have more to say or say what a weak “monkey” I am like everyone else :joy:


I only offered him a cup of rum the first time I did

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I offered him up my smoking addiction and stopped smoking. I also got a plaque engraved with his Sigil for my garden to plant flowers he likes there

I also offered him a full bottle of Spirits, Doughnuts, Chocolate, Blackberries, Peaches and cinnamon. Plus a bottle of Beer.

I also offered blood. That would be your personal choice.


No offering at first, but as you continue a relationship with him you should make some type of offering. Not necessarily blood.

As you can see, at least an offering of gratitude is very acceptable to Belial and other entities. After 12-24 hours (or at least overnight) take the offerings and offer them to nature. Pour your libation of wine or alcohol. Leave the food offering at a tree or near a river and don’t look back. The nature spirits and animals (squirrels, birds and ants etc.) will appreciate it.


You can evoke any demonic king without an offering of any kind. I do :no_good_man:


It doesn’t have to be a physical offering or something extravagant either, you can offer energy too. I have to be decently discreet with my offerings, so a lot of time I offer tea, incense, simple things like that. If I can’t do something like that then I get all of my chakras opened, do some yoga, and offer up my energy.

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You do not have to use blood as an offering. I often leave small offerings on my alter as well as use them at the start of rituals to show gratitude.
A simple offering might be cakes, wine, apples, honey, silver coins, and herbs. It is up to the practioner to decide what is appropriate.

The offerings are your intentions and energy expended in giving the offering. An offering should be meaningful, it should demonstrate your commitment and sincerity. This is what you want to convey to the spirit realm and the deity itself.

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You can just evoke him and ask him what he wants, he is the demon that called on me… Its been 3 months since I have been working with him he never really asks me for anything, it’s really special to me because he always wants something In return (according to most members that I have talked to) … Wonder what he sees in me that makes me this special to him :tipping_hand_man: Hail King beliel either way :tipping_hand_man:


OH SNAP! And here I was pouring some liquor for him to enjoy the first time I try communicating with him :upside_down_face: I like offering beverages to energies I’m working with, what can I say?

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