Does anyone wanna trade tarot readings?

I sorta need a reading from someone else. I feel kinda down. I will trade for readings in this thread with no limit, it doesn’t matter how many people ask for a reading trade.


I don’t use tarot but normal poker cards readings. I could give you advise but ive only been at it for a couple of weeks. I’ve been wanting to test it on someone new so I’d be happy to help you out. No need to trade.


@TheUmbra Please remember the forum’s 90 day rule. You joined on March 10th., so cannot offer any readings until June 10th.

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Oh alright. It will be soon enough

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You’ll be free and clear to do readings on Wednesday, so if you want to practice your skills, I encourage you to open a thread on that day. You’ll get many takers! :slight_smile:


Will do. I dont wanna get cocky but I trust my cards and I’m starting to get some great readings!

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Knight, for lack of better words, cock blocked me big time.

Give me an hour and I’ll do a reading for you.

Alright @Maxwell, what’s your question?

Can you give me an reading Please? Are there many girls who want me?

Sorry, doing something rn!!

Feedback from a reading I requested in PM: @Maxwell’s reply was definitely accurate, and picked up on some underlying stuff that I didn’t prime the question with in advance.

The reading identified specific areas that I need to focus on if the situation happens, and showed how to make it work, and it also cast light on the overall question, and warned me about a possible pitfall to be wary of.

Thanks! :+1:


@lady_eva convinced me to bite.

@Maxwell do you still need assistance?

Not anymore, thanks. Come tomorrow I will be using my thread from before to set up 5 more tarot readings for free. Drop by there and I’ll let you have one regardless of how many people had already asked.

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Thank you I appreciate that!

I’m willing to trade another reading today. If anyone is up for it, throw a message at me.