Does anyone use cannibas to connect with spirit?

At the moment, I access the spirit world thru cannibas. Just wondering how many other people do this as well. For me, this substance is a gateway, an opening. I am working on being able to connect without it but I do get wonderful experiences while taking it. Thanks in advance for any replies.


Some of my deepest astral moments while awake that I’ve had are from cannabis smoking. I picked up the herbarium diabolicum grimoire and I recommend it for this topic.


Cool, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to check that book out !

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Would you tell me how you did it so i can give a try

You know I was listening to the BBC the other day and archeologists had found an ancient hebrew altar perfectly preserved. There was a resinous substance on the altar that when tested was cannabis THC.
So it seems that alot of people all over the world have been using this substance in a ritual/magicko sense for a long time.


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!!! It’s so incredibly mysterious to me how humans became aware of these plants. I mean out of all the plants in the world, they knew which ones to smoke, which ones to eat, and all that stuff! I think people back then were more in tuned with nature or had some kind of guidance, maybe from e.t.'s who knows!!


Yeah for sure they were. I think it’s because at that point in our development we were closely connected with our spirits and guides and Gods.

Now mankind has moved too far in the other direction and it’s leading us towards destruction.



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Curious about that book… how much of it is practical? Does it call for a lot of substances that are hard to come by?

@DrifterOfDarkness I think they’re referring to the herb book u mentioned.

I use cannabis all the time when interacting with spirits. I either smoke or eat an edible. For me, I have to find a happy medium though…too high and I can’t focus and contact is very weak, too little and it is useless.

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Do u have trouble connecting while sober ? I can do it, but it’s taking some time to build up that ability. It’s much easier for me to contact them when high.

As fans of mine know, I’m dead-set against drugs and chemo-gnosis. I don’t counsel drug abuse to anyone. All I’m saying is that it’s always worked for me.

For cannabis aficionados, get into vaping. Avoid using flame and invest in an electronic vaporiser. These cost and are worth every cent! Wax and Glass are expensive - but it’s pure THC.

And remember, I only want what’s best for you.

P.s. You’ll need Zippo lighter fluid. You’ll quickly workout why.

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I both vape it and smoke out of a water bong. I have asthma so the vape does make me feel a little more tight and congested than regular weed but I have to vape when the wife is home because she doesn’t like the flower. Or I do edibles at those times. I enjoy all 3 ways! They each have their time and purpose. By the way u r a funny guy, I like ur sense of humor. Sometimes I don’t know if you’re joking or not but that’s what makes it so interesting lol