Does anyone know what this symbol means?

This symbol just showed up to me while I was walking this morning it was like the stars you get agency’s look at the sun too long the more I blinked the more it showed up I also seen a rune with it

@RiseorDie I am getting the image of a noble elf and a huge wolf. Try evoking them.

If that’s what I think It is… Alright cool man thank you

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What is it?

I have a couple of spirits one is an elf and another is a werewolf

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Meditate on it, write down the impressions you get from it. You’ll be surprised what can result from this simple exercise.

I ended up channelling a half page of stuff from a cryatal tree while meditating on it that i had preformed a necromantic rite from black magic of ahriman that “ensouls” herbs, roots and minerals with new life or as new Div’s that can be worked with and serve as nature familars

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I’ll try to evoke them buts kinda hard to do here lol.

And if I’m not able to I’ll meditate on them thanks

@TheStorm @Dinmiatus

Somehow it reminds me of Lilith’s sigil, but kinda inverted. Probably because of the tail.

But, as others have suggested, do meditate on it, see what you get.

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