Does anyone know Shiva's abilities and the sigil?

Sometimes the entities themselves claim to be other entities for whatever reasons. They may be joking or just trying to help people to get shit together within their systems. For example, Lilith has told me and other people that she is Kali and Lucifer has told me that he is Ahriman, maybe they are for me and the other people who has received the same message, but I would never claim those things to be occult scientific truths for everyone to follow.

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om namaak shiva and his sigil is his yantra


This yantra is not similar to the sigil but only the circle of it. :+1:

Yantras = ancient.

Sigil = medieval.


I mean the sigil I presume to be for Shiva.

Sighhhhh… wish I meet a demon soon.

Yantra is a representative sign
So it can be used as a sigil too

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True, some people who trip on psychedelics report seeing yantras but no one reports seeing sigils of daemons.


Well I might reveal the sigil soon I’m not sure when. I’m worried it’s a personal number for me to dial but I tried to meditate on it once but I didn’t meet Shiva.

He’s the equivalent to a primordial God, not a D&D character lol, his abilities is expansive based on what you ask him and he tells you.

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Today I was reading ‘How to Summon Your Own Personal Demon’ by Carl Nagel. Happy to pm you what is described as, ‘a simple way to make contact with your Personal Demon’.
You may of course be set on Shiva though :laughing:

Baal Kadamon has a great little e-book on mantras for working with Shiva, and a number of other books for other Hindu deities. They are very effective.


Lingam stones are commonly used to invoke and connect with Shiva, sometimes there is added power in using a time-honored method.

You may learn more about Shiva’s abilities via listening to & studying the lyrics to this song: Shiva Tandava Stotram || Original Powerful & Best Trance - YouTube

Time to do some more reading. Baal Kadmon has a book about Shiva. Well worth the read.

Try his linga. I think that’s what it is called. It is a symbol representing his member. Shaivastic people use it as a form of worship. There is a back story on that. I suggest look it up. I chant his mantra while doing yoga and his energy always clears negative energies away while helping me focus on my kundalini.

Shiva has many abilities. Look up his many mantras on YouTube.

Shiva has 2 major symbols.
The first, the Shivalinga, is a physical representation of the cosmos, as an egg. It has multiple meanings or interpretations.

The Shiva Yantra is a two-dimensional diagram that in essence invokes Shiva’s presence.


while i dont disagree with @Lady_Eva or @SadaShiv i think “om” or “aum” is the symbol and sigil for shiva.