Does anyone know Shiva's abilities and the sigil?

Leave them below please.:point_down::pray:

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I dont think hindu gods have sigils
chant om namaha shivaya


Have u ever met him?

I worked with Shiva a few years ago and nothing happened whatsoever, yet I like this mantra a lot

…it doesn’t have any effect on me whatsoever.

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Lol u mean he didn’t help u or didn’t give u anything?

He is known as the destroyer and he is powerful
I havent met him but as a buddhist we have seperate temples for hindu Gods

Never mess with these gods you should have respect and no arrogance


There was no connection. I don’t feel very drawn to Hindu stuff actually.


That’s nice, thank u very much.

You might wanna try a trident or a painting/picture/statue depicting him in place of a sigil.

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Yeah good idea, have u ever met Shiva?

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Nope, never really had much interest in the Hindu pantheon

Right but if Shiva be another aspect of Lucifer doesn’t matter which pantheon we contact with.

If that is what you believe, good luck with that :wink:

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Actually guys I believe Shiva gave me a sigil but I’m trying to ask ppl and see if they can provide a similar sigil I mean those who called Shiva.

I have no sigil of him

It’s fine.

He’s not, in my opinion. I heavily dislike the concept of masks and entities being aspects of other ones, anyway. Though again, to each their own


Yeah it sounds weird to me but top wizards and witches are claiming that.

So called top occultists are also constantly making claims that contradict each other.



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