Does anyone know how to format a playstation3 to play the courses?

I downloaded the Mastering Evocation program,but did it on my friends lap then planned to download it to a usb port to watch on my ps3.Unfortunatly I can’t do that until the free trial is over,and when I try to access it on my phone or ps3 it has an error message for the video player.Does anyone know how to either fix this ,or bypass the free trial so I can download it?

Smartphone, what model?

And whay format are the courses on? (I imagine .mp4)

Itd be easier to get your mobile loaded its defaults (as when you got it out of the box) and then play it. Most Smartphones plat mp4 so your need loading its backup copy defaults

Just make sure you save all your pics musics videos before loading anything

My phones just a walmart straight talk phone and the message reads that it doesn’t support adobe flash player

You can email the BALG help desk and ask them to waive your seven day trial.

if you want to play it on a playstation 3 console i whould suggest looking into ps3mediaserver.

Download a file converter and you can convert it to any platform you want. I use Handbrake, it converts video to most smartphone formats and game systems as well, plus it’s free.

If its a basic smartphone Id suggest you get a cheap mp4 instead (u know one of those for going to the gym) as basic phones doesnt include mp4 nor even mp3 (las one is sudio only so…)