Does anyone know how to charge this? Fourth pentacle of venus?

fourth pentacle of venus talisman, I’ve posted about the talisman previously and how I’ve found it under my bed with no explanation. I’ve decided to charge it and keep it for myself. Would it be a bad idea to charge it without clearing it? And does anyone know how to charge it? I’ve looked online and there are some websites that say I should do this
(although this isn’t a seal of Solomon talisman it’s one for Astaroth)vv

And others that say I should do it this way and that I need to read from the book of psalms

So I’m a little lost on which way to go about it



You do not necessarily need to clear the talisman. If you surge it with your energy you will change the vibrations put into it with your own.

Hold the talisman in your right hand and light a candle. Vividly with sight, touch, feel, and emotion, imagine what you want it to do for you. Do you want more attractiveness? Be more radiant? Are you looking for a special person or do you want to send more peaceful light around you? Become more trust worthy to others? Do some research on venus astrology and find a corresponding wish for it.
As you hold the talisman and think of your desired wish, at the same time (can get a little tricky for beginners) feel the energy flow down your arm, out of your palm, and imagine it flowing into the talisman. Try to see a bright white light going into the talisman from your palm. Do this until the talisman is very very bright in your mind, and until you cant really concentrate any longer. If you exhaust the thought you put as much energy as youre able into it giving you the best result.


I would advise it a good idea to cleanse it first. A simple way to do that is pass it through a mix of sage and santo palo wood while visualizing the energies on it being burned away.
Another is depending on the metal bury it in salt for a day or 2. If your worried about potential damage you can put it in a zip lock bag then bury it.
This removes the old programming/ritual charge attached to it so you can imprint your own without the potential of yours just feeding the old spell. Then it can be charged without any worry.
Since it is ussally a good idea to “feed” talismans on occasion wiping the old program would be good so your energies dont end up feeding the old program if your not sure if they purged the old vibrational pattern.


He is right it would be better to cleanse it. When I know someone is new, I give baby steps rather then giving them tasks to do and things to buy bc most people get discouraged then do nothing. If you are able to go to the mystic shop and grab those items, I recommend it

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I dont think a plastic zip lock is a good idea. Its not a conductor and would block the salt from the metal completely. A few grains go a long way.

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To each their own. I only mentioned it because ive used it. Didnt have any foil on hand at the time. Still had the desired result. Tried it with earth grounding for a day and night with similar results.

Our physical understanding of energy conductivity does not always seem to apply when dealing with spiritual energies. Though they can provide insight. This has been my experience.

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Regular salt or sea salt?

Sea is better. But salt from the kitchen is ok.

I havent actually noticed much of a difference.
I’ve tried sea salt,table salt and pink salt all with the same degree of success. Think the only basic one i havent tried is absom salts lol

I dont know. I typically do not disagree with much here but every alchemy book that I have read is pretty keen on conductive and none conductive when using physical elements to do spiritual working. We are talking about using physical matters to remove energy. Energy isnt spiritual.

But youre right. To each their own. Maybe it will work lol. Always fun to experiment :blush:

As a newbie I Like telling my Ingredients what they are doing (it helps embed the process for me) Ie: this candle flame is the Love and Light of Lucifer let it banish entities let this salt cleanse all energy. Let this Full moon water bath you and bless you… So on and so forth


Awesome I like to invoke the ingredients as well.

Half true.
Energy comes in many layers and types.

These usually go off a degree of appling phsyical nature of conductivity and physic to non-physical energies. This seems to be the case with alot of the older texts and some of the newer.

Unlike heat/cool, electrical,Radiation ,Electomagnetic and the other forms physical science observes the energies we work with do no always follow the same pattens of behavior as these. We can take advantage of these patterns through the law of corrspondance that extracted the methods used in alot of alchemical texts though.

The energy that was put into the talisman likely is not spiritual. I should have been more clear.


Perhaps also, it may be inhaled green energy from the planet Venus (in case, imagining pore absorption), then retrace with the right finger (or athame etc.) the pentacle, charging it with that energy.

This is the best website that I have found to date

On the front page are the pentacles but click on the rituals scroll down to the seals of: Kokab,shemesh,Nogah is venus in your case, I will give you an example;

Scroll down to the 4th pentacle fourth seal of nogah It really goes into details about the pentacle and the verses and why


PS an another note related, if you want to try to find information, use Mercury that is how I found the great site I posted for you

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