Does anyone know any grimoire about romanian magick

Hey there,
as the title says, I´m looking for an grimoire about romanian/gipsy magick, because I want to learn more about this aspect of my culture. If you know anything about this kind of magick, please reply me any bits and pieces of information.

Thanks in advance.

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Vorbeste cu tiganii. Dar vezi sa nu te prajeasca la buzunare lol

Haha k mersi. Dar cunosti cumva niste surse bune?

I have this book, it’s pretty informative and has some useful spells in it.


nu din pacate dar nu cred ca pirandele noastre au vreo putere

Figures Raymond Buckland would culturally appropriate Roma magic.


Romany and Romanian are 2 different things, as the group known by the pejorative “Gypsies”, is a semi/nomadic people (at least in the past) with origins from India.

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I’m aware that Romany and Romanian are two different things. OP asked for gypsy magick, so I figured he’d be interested in my suggestion. I hope to not offend anyone, the book itself does go a bit into the history and culture of nomadic people.

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Finbarr has 1.romany spells, just tipe tat in finbarr. Com and its a guy cnt remember well, who spend 7 years whit gypsies in spain. Its a grimorie, and biography, under, $10,but cnt remember last name his first name s mark. Look trifht books, etc

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