Does anyone here do remote viewing or work with entites to the point you can find someones location with just photo and a DOB?

Does anyone here have the ability to work with entities or have a skill like remote viewing to find a person and pinpoint their exact wear abouts?

@Mulberry has knowledge on Remote Viewing iirc.

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great are you in contact with them?

I know how to astral project (bi-locate) message the mod with eyes and cat, ask her for a “Core shamanism tutorial” the former mod gave it to me and it really worked.

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@anon4083462 @Titan.M Thanks for the heads up guys :smiley:

I am PMing the Core Shamanism tutorial to the OP.

Not me, and few remote viewers take on this kind of work for liability reasons. They tend to work with the Police on missing persons cases and not directly with families. It prevents pollution of the Target and drama associated with the families emotions, which understandably run high when someone you love has gone missing.

I have heard there are groups of people on fb who will do this, not usually free, and there’s a lot of scammers to be careful of, especially on that platform.

If you are making a request for magickal work, we don’t generally do what we call “spell begging” on this forum, but we do have a Request thread you can post on.

In this thread you are more likely to get answers based on what this forum is for: self empowerment and magickal learning, so you can find out how to do it yourself. :slight_smile:


I can do this but permission is always needed through subconsciously connecting to the person it is about to make sure they actually want to be found by the one requesting it…

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May I have the tutorial please ? :slight_smile:

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can i also have the Core Shamanism tutorial please? :sweat_smile: Thank you.

I’ve now posted this in the Shamanism category of the public forum :slight_smile:

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