Does Anyone Have This Experience With Magickal Seduction?

So I’m currently doing the love spell from magical seduction, turning attraction into love on someone. This is the third person I’ve ever done this on since being in the occult. ALWAYS, without a doubt, the ritual makes me fall deeply in love as a side effect. Damon Brand warns that if you properly seduce the magick will work on you just as well. Similar to the last 2 people I did on it on, with this new person… I am thinking about him literally constantly. I cannot get him off my mind. We had initial powerful mental and sexual attraction from the beginning so the spirits have a lot to work with. The only thing is he is a successful CEO and incredibly busy with work so he barely communicates between our dates. He also shared he’s not looking for anything serious right now a few weeks ago, because of his work schedule. I am confident the love spells will change that.

So I guess I’m just looking to start a conversation. Does anyone else have this side effect with Damon Brand’s rituals and how do you deal with it? I literally have thought about him all day today. The good thing is this means the ritual is working most likely. I spent time with him on Saturday and we had a great time. I might start meditation to see if that helps.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Keep your cool and the magick will work out just fine. Entrepreneurial types tend to think about their work a lot, and this can often overshadow their desires for a relationship. The fact that you two have spent time together and that he has expressed an interest in you is a very good sign.

Give him some space. You may not realize it now, but with your magick in place I would be surprised if he isn’t thinking about you too. Haniel is very strong in matters of love, as you are experiencing for yourself. Allow your relationship to naturally develop, and the spirits will guide you to winning his heart. I wish you the best :slightly_smiling_face:


Every. Damn. Time. It’s a sign it’s working.

And they’re right about the entrepreneur type compartmentalizing our minds. Work takes center stage, Just know that if he’s going to sleep thinking about you you’re in

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Umm… so I sense strong anger between him & I right now. He was extremely cold when I texted him and outright ignored my last text. I’m extremely confused. I did throw a lot of love spells on him at once, but believed all the spirits were working towards the same goal so it would be fine. I don’t understand what is happening :frowning:

I´ve seen this before.

It´s common for people in entrepreneurial environments to know about the occult, if that´s the case, you might have been busted. This kind of rituals (from my experience) are easy to detect unless you do something to conceal them. And if you threw a lot of them, that could be the case.

This is just a possibility, another probable scenario is that you´ve overthought and reversed the intention of the rituals. That, or he´s just busy (or want some time for himself).

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To me, what stands out in your post is this:

I wonder if turning attraction into love isn’t your true desire and what you are seeking from this person is contact, communication and commitment. If this is the case, I would be looking at specific magick aimed at these specific goals.

Someone can be falling in love with you, or indeed be in love with you, and work still take priority. As has already been said, just because someone isn’t contacting you that doesn’t mean that they aren’t thinking about you.

I suggest getting very specific with what it is you desire.


I think you’re being too attached to the result , relax and forget about it for a while

This. Or they follow a personal code/set of rules. Very common. Especially when they’re feeling stronly

He doesn’t even believe in astrology so I doubt he believes in love spells.

All love and sex spells affect you in this way( fall into deeper love than your lover ) or just Damon brand’s magick is like that?

whats your outcome of this ritual after all these months?
would u like to share ?