Does anyone have the NAP Astral Bomb Attack Ritual?


I’m not Eternal, but the answer is yes.


The New Power Avatar by Geoff Gray-Cobb.


I was trying to message the guy in the thread named ethereal, but thanks for your answer will continue reading :slight_smile:
Goodluck in your goals!


The book I am referring to is The Miracle of New Avatar Power. I say that because he later released Amazing Secrets of New Avatar Power and that isn’t the same book. Make sure you get The Miracle of New Avatar Power.


Oh whoops! I answered back too quickly. Thanks for responding!!!


I was reading some topics here of New Avatar and some say the book kinda obsolete Now? I’m not sure.


I just started with NAP, but nothing about it or any magick or spellwork is new. If you do research on any kind of spellwork, it all goes back centuries if not millennia.


Yes, that’s what I was wondering. I will work on it starting tomorrow. I will make the recording of myself as he mentioned in the first chapter. Then go from there.

I am working with Angelic Protection book for banishing ritual started this week. Then I will jump on this book. Do one need to follow all steps before or one can start incantation after banishing? Not sure.


If you scroll up, Eternal posted what order to do it all in.


I have read the thread you are talking about. All I can say is I have used the book and it works very well. It did for me anyway.


Hi Eternal Idol,

Were you doing any energy manipulation exercises before doing the Astral Bomb attack? I just want to know your approach towards the ritual.

Can you please provide some insights. Thanks


The only energy I raised was the central pillar and fountain ritual in the book. I did those everyday that I worked the astral bomb. That was it though.


I will say that I did some checking the other day and here we are well over a year later and astral bomb is still working!


Good, also if i can ask for how many days or weeks you practiced central pillar and fountain ritual?

Also, during that time, did you practiced celibacy? lol or preserved your sexual energy to make it more effective. Thanks


Nope…no celibacy. I didn’t practice the central pillar or fountain ritual at all. I just did it as part of the astral bomb working for seven days straight.


I had completely forgot that I had used the astral bomb against someone at work a few weeks ago. I was talking to someone this morning and found out that person is gone! They suddenly picked up and took their family and moved several states away. No warning no nothing. I’ll call that success! Wasn’t quite what I was expecting but hey I’ll take it! Once again I left it up to the spirits what they do to bring about justice. Not sure what they did to them but, it worked!


And this is a person that was making $100,000.00 a year and had an office job. So they had it made there at work.


Hello could you share Brother Moloch’s method with me


It’s posted at the top of this thread.


Ok I see it thanks