Does anyone have experience with OBOD?

I am currently one of those guys who read a lot and am a bit lost where to begin. I meditate daily for about 20-30 minutes and did a few self-hypnosis /journey type video sessions with sometimes interesting and somtimes dissapointing/no results.

I think I need to start actually doing more but I hold myself back to much. I am interested in shamanism and druidry (had no luck finding a connection with demons yet sadly although i am interested in working with them on ascension). Because of that I thought of joining OBOD after reading The druid magic handbook by M. Greer (ADF is not at all present here in germany).

I think working with a mentor through their course could help me get off my ass. Now I am a bit worried about my reason for seeking them out. I am mostly interested in the magic aspect of druidry not so much the social or other aspects.

Can someone tell me how much weight magic has in OBOD or other pointers?

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Long time OBODie here. :slight_smile: Also an LHP practitioner at times.

I can tell you the first two grades, Bard and Ovate, are not really heavily magical if you’re talking about deep training in the subject. However, there are different kinds of magic, and it depends upon what you’re drawn to.

You will learn natural magic, how to be a natural mystic, how to live with the seasons of the earth, how to feel the energy of the earth, how to speak to the trees, how to bring out your own creativity, and, in the Ovate grade, you will learn healing, divination, astrology, and other sciences.

Since I stopped the grades at the Ovate level, I can’t tell you what you might learn in the Druid grade, but I can tell you it’s not a matter of just joining that grade. There may be some deeper information on magic available there.

Hope that helps?

Hi thanks for the reply. I thought as much and did not apply for now.