Does anyone have any tips for finding the true name of their succubus

So for the past few months I have tried to find out my succubus true name using pendulum and tarot cards and have not been able to find her true name


astral project and ask her there, otherwise you can give her a name, i bet she wouldn´t mind


Most spirits true names isn’t easily given to us, but a middle way is if your succubus give you her human name from her latest incarnation. That’s how I’ve got my succubus spouse’s name.

I used automatic writing when I asked about her name, as well as asking other questions about her.

If you ever find out her name, don’t share it to anyone. It’s not only about the power you have over her through knowing her name, but it’s also about trust.


I lurv you, @succupedia :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Ooo funny story of how I got my incubi’s name!

I wanted to know for ages. I tried just asking out loud and trying to hear what I could in my mind, I heard things that were close and I got the first letter right. It wasn’t until I had another sleep paralysis moment where he said his name in my ear that I heard him completely clearly. And now I know his name! Sometimes these things take a while.


Now that I think back after doing the ritual of intent to Lilith I think a few days after doing the ritual I did hear a name being said audible but now that I think about it I did not realize that was her true name.

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hello succupedia. I had a question. I heard you have a lot of knowledge and a great personal relationship with Lilith. My question is:
I am trying to write a letter of intent to Lilith,but I do not have access to a candle. Is there another way or do I have to use a candle for the process.
Thank you

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