Does anyone have a summary of Demons of magick by Gordon winterfield?

I can read the original book but translating the words takes long, i have many lessons i have to study and tonight is the last night my parents aren’t at home (can’t do ritual other nights) and I can’t read it till then. if you have a summary i would be grateful if you show it here.

I need this chapters:
The Ritual Opening
The Core Ritual
Ritual Two - Connective Evocation

Hey, so I did summarize the Ritual Opening and The Core Ritual for myself, but I never did it for Ritual Two…only for ritual one. I also hand wrote this summary so its kinda messy but I didn’t write it expecting others to read it. However, if you need it, I just scanned my notes for you and made them into jpegs. One thing I forgot to include in my notes though is that after you pronounce the words Atah Gibor L’Olam Adonai during the RItual Opening, you are supposed to stare once again into the black circle that the book comes with and accept the possibility in that moment that you can reach into the infinite and shape the future with your desire.

Hope this helps


That’s nice @Verdo, thank you for sharing. I did my own write up a while ago but it was quite long winded lol

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