Does anyone have a demon's sigil tattooed?

Well,I have never be interested in tattoos before, I found it nice on other people, but was sure to never do any on myself…
Till I discovered sigils. Then the idea have been growing slowly inside my little brain,ha!
I opened Ebdr thread yesterday, and in this exact moment on tv,like I said before, a woman was learning people how to do those tattoos that stay only 10 to 15 days in the skin…for me it just can’t be a merely coincidence.

While I am not looking to do a tattoo of a demon that would finish his/her work with me around a year, and I would be like those mofo that did the girlfriend name in the forearm and now break up and mofo in question doesn’t knows anymore what to do about the tattoo,lol,
One day i will sure do a permanent tattoo with the one’s that I know to have a strong relationship of mutual respect with.
By now, the idea of just using a pen is very appealing, I am so in to it now :star_struck:


I have a big ass seal on my stomach one of king Solomon symbols. *Very big

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I’m getting Hecate’s primary sigil from Queen of Hell tattooed on my chest next august, and I’m most likely going to do Lucifer’s on the inside of my left wrist once I get better at tattooing. Maybe get Belial’s at some point on the right wrist.

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Hey girl Hey! So I have the arch angel Uriels sigil and the Angel Ariels sigil. Two words of warning. One be ready to be in constant communication with the being in question. Two I picked Uriel because he is the arch angel of manifesting and magic, Ariel is also a being of manifesting on the physical plane. This works like a cheat code to increase your power which is exactly what i wanted. However… my manifesting ability for a month or two exceeded my Mentalism, my controle of my emotions and thoughts. There is a reason most power comes from self controle, practice, and meditation, that way your power grows naturally as your ability to controle yourself and the Magic grows. For me. I was a angry at my car payment, a recall notice, and figuring out that it would be cheaper to uber than make my car payment…
My car got hit 3 fucking times.
My mirror got smashed.
My car got broken into, with nothing to steal they smashed it and tore out my rear view.
The company that apraised lost the appraisal.
The police report glitched.

These are all examples of me manifesting negative consequences because my discipline and controle is now overbalenced by my power.

Make sure you have masterd your mind, and emotions, true mentalism, Before you cheat and increase your power.

All My Love

"I was also sure to channel the entity and energy during the tattooing proces"


This is interesting. I’ve drawn a seal on myself when I needed assistance and got an overwhelming sense if calm and clarity. But it depends on the entity and the relationship I suppose.


When it comes to getting tattoos’ that are sigils. In my point of view, you should only have those of spirits that you have worked with or are working with on you. I.E., I plan to one day get my sigil that I received from Lilith on me one day so that I myself will be a gateway to her and Sitra Ahra. Hell, I might one day take it a step further and as I work with the Qliphoth. Plan to get a tattoo of something that represents each of the Qliphoth as a dedication per spirit. I.E., probably an owl or an inter-demensional gate for Naamah, the Unholy Grail with a black flame coming out of it for Lilith/Eisheth and Samael/Lucifer.


I have plan to do temporary painting with henna of demon sigil, his enn and this all with ouroboros snake on my hand.

I never worked before with this spirit, but make his pentacle recently, and after that suddenly i wanted to make his sigil painting. I must tell that this spirit could help me with some problem i have with my character for a long time.

If someone experienced could ask this spirit if i can paint it? I have feeligs that he will agree, but another confirmation for precausion will be great.


Perhaps I should get Azazels


Go for it. I have several choices and hard to decide. :slight_smile:


I already draw the sigil of Lilith on my body in semi permanent staining methods and boy are the results interesting to say the least.

I might get her sigil permanently on me


Question: when you did this you already have relationship with Lilith or not? Have you asked her for permission to do this? I’m curious about that.


@Aluriel @Eye_of_Ra Lilith is also in my mind. But I promised Bune if she helps me with something which I asked for, I will take a tattoo and her sigil to my right calf.


Yes I do have a relationship with her and it’s something we both mutually agree on :slight_smile:


King Paimon stick and poke… Gotta fix it though


Goddess Lilith. Taken today. So I think I’m all in…I love it. No regrets. Just need to get used to it. My first ever, thanks @Lady_Eva. :slight_smile:


Very cool :heart_eyes: Clean, crisp lines. Congrats. I’m going next week to get an estimate on the sigil I’m getting next July


Been debating on getting Azazel`s sigil. I’ve been hearing his whispers and enn over and over


@Mapachtli Brother you need only your acceptance. That’s enough. :slight_smile:


Thanks @Akashiel


I love it… I would get Azazels probably if I got one.

or Tiamat.