Does anyone else notice a sort of "stagnant" energy in some homes?

Anytime I go into a house, typically where a whole family is living and where there is a TV in every room with someone watching one at all times, the energy in the house feels really strange. It feels stale or stagnant, and almost heavy in a way. Does anyone else experience this or am I crazy? It’s to the point where I dread going to a certain friend’s house because not only does the energy feel that way, but the immediate activity suggestion is to watch TV or a movie. I always leave feeling disappointed with myself like I just wasted a ton of time that could have been used for better social stimulation. Next time watching TV or a movie is suggested, I think I’m just going to say I’d rather do something else.

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I get that often as well. It’s always bothered me because homes with negative, or parasitic spirits have the same feel to me. I can feel it from the street, and will usually not go into a home that feels that way, never knowing which situation it was, or if in fact, it’s exactly the same cause in both cases.

My boyfriend’s mother is a devout Christian (EX-Catholic who left Catholicism after fearing for her sons safety in regards to the child molestations she heard about) and I was unable to even light a candle during a ritual bath.

King Paimon told me that you can “energize” ANY household, no matter the influence, as long as you believe with all your might in your ability to do so.

My boyfriend’s family is very materialistic, and I admit I was drawn to this as I was subjected to it, being taken to sushi and seafood restaurants, having clothes bought for me out of the blue, and with movies/media-entertainment being to go-to, my spiritual ability was being drained.

As soon as I took a break from the household – they were at work and I went on a walk – I felt all of the natural world, of animals and plants and spirits calling to me.

You can change that energy.


That’s common, energy within everyone’s homes becomes stagnant or stale from time to time, physical cleaning can help with that, moving furniture around helps, or for some actually grounding out the energy in the home. As for the feeling of wasting time, that’s also common, it just means you wanted to do something else than what they normally do, perfectly normal.