Does anyone else here occasionally get messages in the form of smells?

I missed that whole argument it seems(which is a good thing) but I just want to clarify that I did not mean to talk OP’s experience down in any way.
I was focusing solely on this piece of information:

He was talking about a familiar person. And smelling something familiar “when they’re relevant” is something the brain does from time to time. That was meant simply as a fact, not a degradation.

It does not mean it can’t be helpful to you somehow, and it certainly is a message, from your brain.
Being reminded of something or someone in such a strong way can help you identify your feelings towards a person or a piece of memory.
Or it can help you remember something you wanted to do, like OP described here:


Well it is a kind of powers of certain people who are medium. Some smell, some see, some hear… Every Medium has a different mediumnic fluid and his/her powers manifest differently


Yes, one of my great grandfathers was a heavy cigar smoker. I will occasionally get a smell of cigar smoke when there is something I need to pay close attention to, usually to avoid a major pitfall.


My aunt pretty much raised my brother and I; she was my hero and my idol. She always wore a very distinctive traditional perfume oil that smelled of orange blossoms.

She died when I was 13 and frequently ever since then I have caught a hint of that perfume when I have been very low and upset. Almost as if she has come to watch over me and give comfort.


My rational brain will try to say that there’s a scientific reason for a certain smell, but I’ll smell her perfume or sandalwood right before she and sometimes the others will communicate with me. I didn’t know what kind of perfume it was until I went to perfume store, and tried some samples. It is called shalimar. I do not care for the scent, but the sandalwood doesn’t bother me. When Lilith has dispensed lol, her particular brand the smell of roses, it is an overwhelming scent of roses, almost to the point of giving me a migraine, the jasmine is strong but it is a more delicate scent, and I don’t mind it too much, in fact I’ll purchase jasmine essential oil candles, as I much prefer it, but the rose scent can be a bit too much.

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Cannot say that I work on all clairs yet, as clairvoyance is my ability, clairsentience being secondary, but I can see that some others are being developed. The clairvoyance is how I do my readings, and the other does come in handy when dealing with people, because a person’s energy says all you need to know about them upon meeting them.

You are blessed to have a relative that watches over you!

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There was one time that I kept smelling gasoline. I kept telling people, do you smell it? It smells like gasoline. Everyone was like NO!!! It lasted a week. It was during a time I was working baneful magick. Funny thing… I actually like the smell of gas. It makes sense now. The symbolism of the gas smell, baneful magick, and the fact that I like the smell of gas. In the end… I got what I asked for.