Does anyone else have problems with balg courses?

As the title states, there seem to be some issues (with me at least) on logging in my courses, every time I try to do so it says error 404 not found, is anyone else having issues?


For me it’s not the courses but the site that is crashing very often

Same. The content just seems to be gone

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@Bizarre , @Faustus do you happen to know if we can reach out to any helpdesk or such to fix this? Also, since we are on the topic, where are you both with your development?

yes. just had it happen to me as well. 404 error notification when trying to access my courses

I’ve emailed the help desk. Will let folk know what they say.

Uumm I haven’t bought any recent courses so I’m not sure but I have experienced 404 not found by simply trying to log in the BALG Forums.

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Yeah, I have the same problem. Same error is the support desk for those who don’t know. :+1:

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I also sent an e-mail to the helpdesk yesterday, has anyone gotten a response as of yet?