Does anyone else have experiences with Marquis Leraje and fires

I evoked the great Marquis Leraje two days ago while venus squared saturn putting Marquis Leraje in am exalted position.

The marquis came quickly and was very affable with me. ( I’ve known him some years). After I gave him the charge and lisence to depart later that day a neighbors house caught fire. There were no injuries just property damage. The fire department took care of it.

The next day on my very same street another house catches fire again…

Wtf Marquis Leraje!

Does anyone else know him for starting fires too.

He did this once before a few years back. This will be the third fire he started. I will have to add in the license to depart “return to your home or abode in a way that none are harmed, and start no fires on your way…”