Does anyone else find andromalius to be attractive?


I don’t know why but andromalius constantly goes through my mind. Like I was drawing him and I was looking at the drawing like damn, that’s a sexy ass demon!! He’s super sexy to me, like his stomach, his hair, his all around demeanor. Am I the only one !? Haha

Images Describing The Appearance Spirits Have Appeared As

Many of the spirits will take attractive forms depending on what they want from you or if that’s the best way to get your attention.


Never appeared to me - just remained professional and got on with the work effectively.

Marbas occasionally appears in my minds eye as my beloved - who is gorgeous to my eyes.


So what do they look like then?? I’m sure you could say they’re all just energy but surely they’ve had some original form No? I’ve always wondered about this.


To me it seems like their true form is something we wouldn’t be able to comprehend, as it goes way beyond the 3 dimensions we are used to seeing things through. As for consistency in appearance, I’ve yet to experience this.


I think its super exciting when you see an entity and then later read others experience seeing them and they are similar. The first entity I saw and called out to, long before i knew anything about this sort of thing was Azazel. I was having a panic attack or some attack and I started calling " Ah zahhh zelll " I saw a man with a black pointed hood and rough looking cargo pants? He was shirtless a very rouge with markings or soot on his chest. Not what I personally find attractive but I could see him being very attractive to some.


Yes sounds a lot like the way I saw him as well. Did he help you with the anxiety? He helped me a lot with anxiety and panic attacks.


He helps me with not obsessing too much so yea anxiety. But he also brought my lover back to me.


The Goetic spirits for the most part have appeared as very beautiful females of diverse cultures. I have yet to meet Andromalius though. Satan was a guy in a suit. Belial was a lawyer with slick back hair. King Paimon looks like a clean shaven version of the Dos Equis Beer guy.

The spirits use your representation or understanding of reality to appear and interact with you.