Does anyone else ever receive sigils telepathically?

Like seriously, I was briefly using a word of power my Shadow told me and then when I woke up this morning I “see” (in my mind) this wild looking sigil (looked like some sort of dark jellyfish sun eye) that felt alive, like it was looking at me.

Shadow says to draw it and use it as a sigil focus for this word of power, which I’ll be doing shortly.

Just curious if anyone else has experienced something like this.

The word of power is to be used to ultimately transcend the fabric of reality and space time itself and wield enormous power over it by understanding and manipulating its rules.

I’ll post a picture of the sigil a bit later


Actually a spirit I’ve been working closely with is helping me to channel a private seal for him. Yes Im experiencing the same thing you are with images flashing into my mind.

Good luck with yours.:grin::+1:


Yes! My username is even sigil-seer because I used to see sigils every time I closed my eyes. It took a lot of practice to understand what they were and how to use them, but I would receive them just like how you and the other commenter described! Fascinating. Perhaps it’s a certain gift many unwittingly have…

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Very cool. Looks like your getting some neat visualizations there that are important to use when working with entities. I get them anytime I’m working with my known spirits. Each have unique sigils that I have written down in a hidden place anytime I’m in need of their assistance. Biggest one for me is Lilith’s sigil which is almost burned into my telepathic mind. In a good way of course. Pops right up after seeking her guidance. As you get better within the time frame those sigils you can see in mind will become clear as day to the point where you can distinguish which is which.

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