Does anybody recognize this sigil?

I was watching a online video game on YouTube and saw this sigil. Does anybody recognize it?


I don’t recognize it but it does look like the style used in ATR, so maybe do some digging there.

It could be realated to Hecate and some other Demon-God/s.

Thanks. Forgive me I’m not up on my acronyms, what is ATR? Thanks again.

In the game she is a marine so it must be some kind of protection sigil. Just my guess.

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ATR refers to african religions, kimbanda and the sort.

Thanks again.

Why don’t you open it and find out?

I like to know what I’m getting into before I blindly run in head on.


Nonsense, that’s the beauty of the Left Hand Path. As long as you are confident in your defensive abilities, summon away. Fear has no place in the magician, any fear must be extricated from the subconscious.

Also, there are many users on this forum like Nagathex (who apparently has left the forum or something, weird) and @Aiden_Crow who offer their services as godforms to chase away anything you may not be able to handle.

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True and I do have some fear issues to deal with more in my personal life that could bleed over in my ascending life and I’m in process of eradicating it.

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Long story short I have some childhood trauma (nothing sexual) (bullying and verbal abuse mostly) that I have to deal with. Being an introvert I’ve kept it locked away for over 40 years. It wasn’t until I took my first step down the left hand path that they began to surface mostly through dreams.


Oh I AM Nagathex. I got a name change.


Also, summoning my human self can act as a defensive mechanism. He is right. Also if you can banish properly, there’s truly no issue.

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Oh, that makes sense then.

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Even though I started almost a year ago this month I’m still learning and if there is one thing I believe whole heartedly is if you are going do anything do it right. There can be no half stepping when dealing with the Gods/Goddesses. Will mistakes be made sure. But lease your head is in the right place and I believe that they can see that.

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Define right. There’s also bravery in the face of adversity.

Knowing what you are doing, having the correct mind set this is real not Hollywood.

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Exactly, if you know what you’re doing, then what’s the shame in opening? Perhaps there’s an opportunity you’re going to miss if you don’t? In fact, why not do a reading on it? Or ask a deity?

Know thyself but of all things be true to thyself. I’m not in the right mindset yet, I have my own hurdles to deal with. And even though I have academic knowledge I do not real life experience, yet (but I’m working on it). As I have mentioned since coming to the the left hand path being on this path has opened old wounds in my life that I must and will face. No shame.

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