Does anybody have experience ingesting mandrake (American mandrake, most likely)?

Does anybody have experience ingesting mandrake, either through a tea or smoking it or any method really, that they would be willing to share? Amount taken and affects?

I make my own beer and mead and recently found a recipe for what the author calls “The Mead of Ra.” It includes mandrake root, although it is a very small amount - I think only 2 grams in 2 or 3 gallons or mead (I don’t have the recipe in front of me). Now, whether the brewer used real mandrake or American mandrake I don’t know. I have some mandrake from a local herb shop, although I presume it is American mandrake since they always seem to have it in stock. I am slightly nervous about putting this in my mead since every resource I have found online stresses the toxicity of the plant. Even the accounts on are very inconsistent in regards to whether this is worth ingesting or not. So, does anybody on here have any experience they can share?

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